PD Anthony Davis w/ Diamond contract and 3 point Foams shoe, badged out including Limitless, DR Deadeye, and Dimer. Ending at approx. 11:50 AM PST/2:50 PM EST

On Xbox One

Title not long enough imo.


Hahaha i was bout to say :rofl::rofl:

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I put mine up too. Stacking that MT since theres no POTM to go for or qualifier anymore

I hope you boys do better than I did selling off my big cards last night. As always, I got proper fucked.

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What did you sell and what did they sell for, I feel like I got fked too

Who did you sell and how much?

Granger w/ contract and PG’s - 485k.
PD AD w/ PG’s - 385k
PG w/ contract and PG’s - 180k
Unlimited Roy w/ contract and white Kobe’s - 180k

I watched stock cards end for more within a half an hour after my auctions ended.

Im more than prepared to get fucked on them as per usual

Oh damn bro it’s so hard to predict this stupid market

It’s not the market. It’s 2k’s fuckery, and having their people mess with the auction house.

Not to go on some conspiracy theory shit or whatever, but I guarantee if we knew everything that went on in this scumbag company, our jaws would hit the floor.