PD Anni Prices

Are we seeing these prices go back up to normal? Im holding onto a Blake and Magic.

wait a week and he should go back to 200k

I don’t think the prices will ever recover honestly. I’d be surprised… The problem is that the code is unlimited and there are probably a lot to still be redeemed.

not everybody got blake or magic. people will buy magic and blake best cards for thier positions

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That’s the danger, along with the standard danger of a competitive card being released. I’m trying to remind myself to buy nothing unless a bargain. Magic at recent rate was the big luxury I allowed myself.

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if they dont recover then im screwed i blew out my stack on magics lol

Giannis was back up to around 300k earlier. if he gets back towards 400 I may sell again Haha.

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I see giannis going back to close to normal, mine is badged out with the Kobe so mines should go back to normal or more

how much would yall fork up for jordan rn? like 350k?

dont do it lol wait for kobe

whats he realistically go down to when kobe comes out tho

I’d wait to see how good pd Kobe is going to be.

Anything is possible, but signs would point to a minimal recovery for guys not named Magic or Giannis. Injecting that many cards into the market causes a depreciation that won’t see a rebound unless many people lock these cards. There will be cards constantly circulating. I can’t see the card I sold this morning (Iverson) selling for much greater than the 100k I received. Maybe I could have squeezed a bit more out of the card with patience, but we are yet to see what happens to those people who did not receive a card due to the error. Plus we are now moving on to series 2 and so on and so forth.

also, u think this the best kareem that comes out?

Well they def cant get worse thats for sure right? Im holding for a bit

if magic goes for BIN imma quit

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Magics price bottoms out at night but hes been climbing slowly. He i think they will get back to at least 180/200s

I hope so but codes still active

Codes Still active AND his price is climbing. Trust. If nikola jokic can go from 19k to 50k these pds will rise. Remember how many jokics their were !

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2k17 best Kareem was a diamond, 2k18 best Kareem was a diamond too he became a Pd with a duo. Highly unlikely they give a better Kareem anytime soon, maybe at the end of the year even than I doubt it.