PD All Star Magic VS PD Lebron

Running them at the 1? Personally, I’m taking magic because of his animations. Who you got?

Magic better for PG but lebron better for the :cheese::cheese::cheese:

didnt try lebron yet but there will be debate for sure.

i think lebron dribbling animations are not the best but he got the dunk and release over Magic so… might be Lebron to be honest

Just put LBJ at the 3.

Ima destroy LBJ with my Magic at the 1 most likely.

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I’ve been hearing Magic is cheesy at the 4/5

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noway you can use him at the 5… at the 4 but still naaaa

Magic at the 4 is real cheese vs full court pressers.

Magic still better

One starting and one of the bench.

With those defensive stats (low AI stats, but still top tier defender if you onball) and playmaking badges, this Lebron absolutely has to have the ball to be utilized properly.