PD AK47, a must-have?

He seems well-rounded but how does he play at this point of the game ?

hes good too bad 2k aint give him hof badges

he has 7 HOF badges

you mean hof shooting badges ? yeah

7 badges compared to pds getting 11-16 is wack

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Not worth over the 100k he’s going for on PS4. Slight upgrades across the board. You won’t notice any major differences gameplay wise. He’s still the same card the diamond is, just a little bit better.


It depends how you use him… if he’s more of an offensive weapon for you then the diamond is just fine… if you want the clamps he has on defense then obviously you want the badges and the price tag would be worth it

He’s a must cop next week when he’s BIN. He’s a mini Bill Russell except he’s a base 11 ass blaster.

Once again…not even close.

If you cant tell a difference in +7 strength with HOF pick pocket & pick dodger then you dont play on ball defense. Worth every penny.


he was bin earlier there was 10 of them for 100k. not paying 100 tho squad already full

2K was afraid putting hof limitless/drd to AK


Not a must have at this point. Crazy how him and Danny would’ve been endgame around January

7 points in strength isn’t worth it to me. And HOF defensive stopper wouldn’t even activate the majority of the time where I play AK at PG. Its a useless badge. I’ve never had issues ripping people with diamond AK either. I might give him a go if he goes down to a more reasonable price, but I can’t justify paying over 100k for a card that isnt going to be a very noticeable upgrade, especially since my diamond already has a shoe. But if MT is not an issue, obviously he’s worth the upgrade.

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I’m paying 300k for a player that I need to collection and I’m pretty sure I won’t use. :confused:

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I think it’s stupid in general how good they made an average player

Honestly cowens is way better if you can afford.

I wouldn’t want him for free. I hate that jumper.

Base 11 is so weird to me, especially how it seems different with each player. I’ve been torched by the AK diamond, but he was never a consistent shooter for me. However, Cowens and Granger are absolutely lights out.

its just the base, they all have different releases, except ak and old hedo

I get why people obsess about it, but it feels so unnatural. I wish every player had Paul George’s release.

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