PD AD XB1 Diamond Contract and Red Kyries up

PD AD with diamond Contract and Red Kyries with Limitless Range up on the auction house. Ends around 7 if you’re interested

@OGxSuave this is another great option if you don’t want the one w SWB.

30 mins left and only at 127k bid come get this steal

It’s at a lower bid than one with just kyries help a brother out

That one is mine lol

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Damn I’m not home lol it’s cool tho I was looking for one with swb and speed shoe

That’s tough. It actually sold for 140k…shoot me

Damn does the speed shoe sell for less ion think I wanna pay more than 130 for ad with a shoe

Haven’t seen an AD with that shoe for a while but I’d say he sells for maybe 150 since really that’s the Best shoe for him

Ahhhh bet I’ll just keep my bron lol

Which shoe?

Grey kobes. Or maybe even the white kobes

Yellow and gray Kobe’s

Bet. I just got AD with that shoe like an hour ago for 105k lol

What system?

Xbox. I was gonna wait out the one with Kyries but there was one ending in 10 minutes with the grey Kobe’s and no bid

Damn. That’s a good cop, is the speed noticeable?

Definitely. He’s zooming off a speedboost with the ball

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I saw that auto correct it was pretty funny but imma keep an eye out for that card then

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