PD AD with Grey Kobe’s PS4

Any offers pm me. Great card but looking at getting Embiid instead. Would be good to do a deal around the 70mark

How much you thinking?

I saw one for 70k last night go unsold, but it was around 1-2am.

Yeah I did mine for 80 yesterday but no sale, I could do 70k and he comes with limitless but no deep range unfortunately. I’m okay at keeping him if I have to as he’s awesome. Just want to play around with couple duos on the bench for fun

Gonna throw him up for 64k in 25 mins if someone wants a snipe.
Also will sell bird with adidas speed accelaration shoe up for 38k if Theres any interest.

Might wanna go 60k. Just got one with badges and everything, 80 contracts and grey Kobe’s for 64k. He had 3 hours left so he’d been there for an hour unsold.

You’re lucky I’m in the mood to get pd Pippen right now lol anyways Kat was outplaying ad with the same shoe, no need to keep


I seen one sell not long ago for 68ish. I think I’ll stick with 62, I’m in no real rush, just wanna try some duos

Yeah I had KAT at the 4 and he was playing better there and AD was playing better at Centre lol but with no real goal in supermax. I just wanna have some fun Mt since there won’t be anymore duos.

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Is this card still available?

I tried selling my AD to grab one with the Kobes and JUST as he sold, the AD w/ Kobes got bought. Now I’m trying to grab an AD, no shoe or contract, at a loss.

This is the last card I need for closure. Maybe another one will pop up one of these days

Maybe, when the stars align.

Nah I sold this card to run some duos. He was awesome, but I’m actually liking this cousins duo at the 4

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I almost had one… but he slipped away…

What did he go for? Lol

60k, but he was up for like two hours

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He’s mine :grin:

I put up a diamond one with contract, Kobes, and limitless/DRD (I think) for 50. Next best thing imo




I’m dead :dizzy_face:

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