Pd AD at center?

Y’all think he can hold his own at center?



For sure.

That’s where I have him. Should be cash with PD Magic and PD LBJ passing him the rock.

He can speedboost, other centers need to worry about holding him down


Mine has the white and gum sole diamond shoe that gives +9 Open 3 and +9 SWB too. :dash:

Since my PF spots are occupied with Giannis and Draymond (grey/yellow nike shoes) I am wondering if PD AD is worthy at Center position? Throwing out David Robinson, move KAJ to bench and start AD at C together with Giannis at PF. I am thinking he is maybe little undersized at 6’10.

Dont wanna put Giannis at point btw bc Simmons is planned at bench PG later on.

Thats my current lineup:

AD with the shoe is far and away the best card on myteam

The specific question from me is how is he performing at Center position being only 6’10?

And what shoe?

Unbelievable. Guards the rim AS well as Wilt and rebounds just as well. Offensively he scores at will. It’s weird. He feels 7’4. You’ll see. Standing dunks on any player offensive rebounds. He’s the best center option on 2k and the best card on the game. Wilt is my guy and wilt got moved to the second unit because of this card.

Alright thx. What shoe did you mean is the best for him?

The grey Kobe’s

There’s one up with the white Kobe’s that boost 3 and SwB too