PC online modes

Hey guys, new to the forum and I am on PC. How do you guys get around MTU with so many cheaters? Wanted to go after Issel but seems it not possible on PC. How do you you guys do it?

TTO is a bit better it seems but there’s still cheaters here and there to give you the L by freezing the game when they are about to lose.

Only perk on PC is you don’t really need to spend VC to make MT as the auction house is fairly easy if you know what you doing.

I faced like 4-5 hackers so face online but thankfully it happened in my first or 2nd games. I usually get 12-0 on 2nd attempt for it. I guess my only advice is to keep trying if you really want the card and youll get it.

ok guys, I really can’t seem find any legit players to play with online, pretty much all cheaters with Wilt and Ginobili , they will just CE quit when they are losing big or about to lose…dont really care about the MTU rewards anymore, just want some legit players to play with and enjoy the game.

All legit PC players, whos down to form a group or something to play online with?