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Played a little bit of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order over the weekend and…kind of cool. The POV doesn’t make me nauseous like FPS view does. Narrative is kind of entertaining and solidly done, looks good, and the combat is easy to pick up and on and looks like it holds your hand by having you work your way through a skill tree.

Kind of weird to be controlling the ginger kid from Shameless as a Jedi apprentice.

Also downloaded Madden 21 to dick around with, because like the above, it’s an EA property that comes free with Microsoft’s XBox Game Pass (for PC).

Played Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for a half hour, and it was fun but it took me a half hour to not feel like I wanted to vomit.

Had hoped that getting a big 32" monitor with 144Hz refresh rate would allow me to play FPS stuff, but alas…fuck no.

Can anyone give me an ELI5 on what the difference is between Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite?

I’ve been experiencing an odd problem on my Windows 10 computer since installing ‘Dying Light 2’. After playing a while, my computer crashes and it automatically reboots. Just a few days ago I upgraded my computer, I am not sure whether the issue is having due to this. Has anyone else come across this problem? Please help me friends to fix it.

Does your computer crash and reboot itself when you are doing anything else with your computer, or if you play another game?

Do you know what temps are like before it crashes?

No @HarryLundt, I just playing the game and all were closed in the background.

Anyway, I understand the cause of this issue. First I updated the device and also updated the OS, but still the problem persisted.

Then I don’t know, I just casually opened the task manager and I just shocked seeing that the Msmpeng.Exe files were on the entires screen.

I dont know whether the issue happens due to these files. Because I did not see such type of files before in the task manager.

Just logged into my Steam account and got notification my reservation for a Steam Deck (512GB) is up and I can place my order.

Anyone have one and have a strong opinion on it?

I’m not really into gaming but even just as a portable computer with dedicated form factor, I find it really interesting. Think I’ll probably buy it if the worst outcome is that I can easily sell it for 80% of cost after a couple months.

I’m more interested in it as a game streaming client moving around the house than as a portable gaming system outside the house. Steam streaming from PC but also maybe from PS4.

Then again, if I mostly just want to stream I should maybe just use a tablet with bigger screen, with a Bluetooth gamepad. Have been too lazy to even try that out.

Just made myself try out Steam Link on my phone and a tablet, both Android. Recent flagship Samsung phone and recent mid-end Samsung tablet.

In short, Steam Link works well. Since my gaming PC is in same room as my exercise equipment, no need to have anything more than a tablet to play Steam games while stationary cycling. And tablet with bigger screen will be better screen for games that aren’t very lag-sensitive.

On that note, lag through Steam Link with NBA 2K is an issue. Somehow, lag was slightly less with the tablet. But enough that I need to purposefully release early to get green releases.

This isn’t input lag, because I was playing with the gamepad still connected to my PC via BT. It’s display lag from the wireless video streaming from PC to router to tablet.

But that said, lag was impressively low in the sense that, if I really wanted to, I could enjoy PvCPU with video streamed through a tablet.

Just got the Stream Deck.

Going to try to see how long I can play NBA 2K while “watching TV with my wife,” before she gets annoyed with me.

Bought a discounted bundle of Control and Disco Elysium for $21.58.

Was hoping the 3rd-person perspective of Control would allow me to play it. (First-person makes me nauseous.) But after 15 minutes, I felt fairly nauseous. Will try again, though, because the game was impressive. Graphics and art direction have been great so far. Overall mood/feel they seem to be going for comes through.

Hopefully Disco Elysium is as cool as it seems. Have played Divinity II for a little over an hour and it has felt kind of tedious so far.

Maybe I’m not giving games a fair chance before I give up on them.

Have not been playing NBA 2K but have been letting my kid play. He’s playing Scrimmage and Freestyle under 2KU section to get some familiarity with gameplay mechanics. He’s probably years away from being good enough to be interesting to play against, but I’m encouraging him to play NBA 2K instead of other video games because he’s playing IRL basketball now, and he and his teammates don’t have a good feel for the flow of the game. Hopefully playing the game is instructive.

Tried out a little 2K23 on the Steam Deck last night. Game plays well on the Deck. This below video (not mine) doesn’t show off the screen that well. Color and brightness is great. But it’s 720p and not very big and it’s tougher to judge shooting based on meter.

For me, one thing that makes it non-ideal is that NBA 2K involves a lot of use all four shoulder/trigger buttons. And it’s much less comfortable having four fingers on those buttons with the Deck, compared to holding a gamepad controller that way.

But the Deck also has four rear buttons that can be programmed and may try mapping commands to those.