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Pinged a few other members to see if they wanted to start this, but no takers so here we go.

Starting this topic as a catch-all general master thread for discussing PC Gaming, with a focus on the hardware: gaming rigs, hardware news, and stuff like that.

People will surely divert into specific games or whatnot, and that’s fine, and some other topics could be better served as standalone Topics.


thanks! great thread

I just want a RTX 3070 for retail :cry:

Me, personally, I’ve been thinking about building a new machine for a few months. Probably will not buy parts and build for another month or two, once all the current new products settle down in supply and prices.

A big fork in the road is that I don’t really know what I want to build in terms of form factor. First instinct is to build up a big mid-tower rig with windows and just surrender to the trend of RGB bling. While I normally would want to build in a more standard Mid-Tower like a BeQuiet Dark Base 500, Fractal Define, or NZXT H510, I like wide open display space of the Lian-Li O11 Dynamic with the PSU totally hidden “behind,” rather than shrouded below:


But even though I have come around on RGB, I still think it’s kind of stupid and part of me just wants to build a Small Form Factor build that has just what I need, and can sit on top of my desk and not take up much space. Something big enough to run an RTX 3070, as I think I’m unlikely to spring for an RTX 3080…though…I actually will probably end up getting an RTX 3080, and so I need to find a case I really like that can accommodate one and the PSU that I’ll need.

Otherwise, I really like the NZXT H1, though one issue with it is that it’s a package with a 650W PSU:

One of the things I need to fully think out is that I’d like to have this at home on a mobile cart with caster wheels. Something that I can move from one room to another with ease. Maybe have a 32" monitor mounted to the cart and so the entire, whole system is easily movable…maybe I just have monitors set up in multiple rooms at desks and just move the system.

I want to be on the computer while in the same room as my wife, at night, but I don’t want to have a desk for the whole system in the living room where she’d/we’d be watching TV at night.

I definitely don’t want to build two systems.

Anyway, this is roughly what I’m thinking for important components:

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 3900 probably. But I’m a little curious as to what Intel 11th Gen will bring. Expect that it might reclaim the single-core performance crown for Intel, definitively, but the Ryzens will still be much better for multimedia editing, and if that’s the case, then that’s my choice.

  • Motherboard: I’ve always used Asus boards and will probably stick with them. Choice will end up being decided by form-factor and color scheme. Initially, if I went with the Lian-Li 011, then I would probably get a white one and get an Asus Prime X570 Pro.

  • GPU: I’m starting to get excited about new games and having a way way above average machine to play them. So never say never, but I doubt I’ll actually get into games in a big way again. So 3090 is totally out the window. Even 3080 doesn’t really make sense, but not so much more than the 3070 that it’d stop me, so I’d get a 3080 just to increase lifespan. Also very interested to see how the new Radeons actually benchmark.

  • Storage: Storage and backup is a big concern of mine. I’m going to re-use my existing system as a NAS server with like 16GB of backup space. I will need to have at least 4TB inside my system, but would really like to avoid running HDD’s…and of course am not keen on spending the $$$ on 4TB+ of SSD storage. But probably will spend a lot on roughly maxing out storage capacity within the system case, with SSD’s. Probably use two cheaper 2.5" 2TB SATA SSD’s for data storage. And then a really fast, 1TB PCIe 4.0 M.2 NVMe SSD for boot/programs, and a small M.2 NVMe to serve as a cache drive.


Take a look at this one:

If you’re not strictly on budget, don’t ever use included psus.

I’ve an ongoing rma for my 7 year old Corsair Ax1200i, Corsair is replacing that one with Ax1500i now. I suggest you choose from known manufacturers’ 7+ year warranty models. Psu should be the last part to save money. Corsair, Seasonic, Silverstone are my favourite brands when it comes to psus.

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I’m not into that PSU at least based on capacity. Do wonder how those NZXT ATX PSU’s are, though.

I’ve got an old AX1500 that I hat to not re-use but I’ll probably keep it in the tower I’m gonna turn into a storage server. Like your list of manufacturers!

I need to do some more reading up on people’s builds in these SFF cases. I’m guessing thermals will be an issue. I won’t overclock but I’d like to use a 3080 and I’m wondering if that will rule out actual SFF builds.

To me, there is little sense in going with cases built for ITX but which have same footprint (but lower height) as ATX towers.

I’m not gonna go crazy on overall spend but I have no budget on the case. For budget, my concerns are along lines of Ryzen 5900 instead of 5950 or maybe RTX 3070 instead of 3080. But prolly 3080 > 3090. Gonna be looking on the high end of things, but at that point in the price:value curve before it gets really steep.

So paying $25, $75, or even $125 for a nicer case doesn’t matter much, so I don’t think I’ll consider one of the various (pretty nice) $75 cases.

My replacement unit has just arrived, they gave me Ax1600i. Damn i really love Corsair :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I swear this is like reading chinese for me :flushed: wasn’t aware I was so tech stupid until now


I’m with ya. My base level of understanding is the bigger the number the more computer vroom vroom it has.


You won’t be when this thread has 1000 msgs.

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This is a pretty good starting point tbh :rofl:

PC guy: damn man I just copped the GRXTYZ-737905
Other PC guy: oh wow bro, I’m still rocking with the HBKTRIPLEH-DX5000
Me: look at my new desktop picture


If you are asking for help or google it to change that, you know better than most.

Hello @HarryLundt sorry I didn’t answer to your request. I am down with Corona atm (nothing serious and am getting better everyday so nothing to worry) and just wasn’t in the mood for it.

Couple of things:
Case size always influences thermal and therefore noise, if you want to roll that gig into the living room it probably shouldn’t sound like a ps4 right? So cramping sth like a 3080 in a small case isn’t the best idea.
Do you need a optical drive? If not something like the Meshify should be good (you can always just buy an external one) . I just bought a Define R6 just for fun (currently own r5). It has lots of space for storage, but it’s quite big. However, I really love that case. Just quality stuff.

Regarding the Liang Li case, it looks super cool, but you can’t use regular ATX PSUs, which limits your choices and could be a noise factor. Me personally I wouldn’t go down that road.

BTW, I am kinda surprised you wanna have Leds in your PC. I wouldn’t go too crazy with that, especially because u want to game adjacent to your wife watching TV. I don’t think she would be super pleased chilling next to the Las Vegas strip every evening.

Have you settled on a monitor yet?

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ryzen 3600 for the win

Great CPU for the money. Crushes the old Intel I’ve been running for years in every way possible.

I would potentially buy a 5600X right now, to come in at a modest price point with huge improvement over where I am now, and then have big upgrade path to walk down, later. But whenever it is that they’re actually available and selling for MSRP, then the $250 difference between the 5600X and the 5900X doesn’t matter much to me, so I’ll just go straight to the 5900X.

I presume that this will be the max one can go on an X570 board, aside from the 5950X, but there’s no way I can rationalize the $250 premium to go from 5900X to 5950X.

Most definitely. I should think about that. I need to read/watch accounts of specific builds but I think you’re getting at something that makes intuitive sense: if you’re running a pretty high-power system (i.e. AMD 5900X + Nvidia 3080) then thermals are probably a big issue in a very small case. Don’t have room for big fans, or many fans. So whatever there is, will be on the smaller/fewer side and running at high RPM all the time.

If that’s the case, I’ll just give up on that. May start out with a substantially sized gaming rig and, if I want, maybe later on build a cool SFF system that doesn’t need to run anything but a quite modest discrete GPU.

Yeah, I like the Fractal Meshify and Define cases. Both of them. Prefer the look of the Defines.

That’s with the O11 Dynamic Mini…

The one that I was thinking about was the O11 Dynamic…

The mini, like you say, doesn’t take ATX PSU’s. Just SFF and SFF-L. I don’t really see the point in the “big SFF” cases. Having almost no difference in footprint, and saving a handful of inches in height just isn’t worth the trade-off in PSU flexibility.

I’d either go with something genuinely small, or something mid-sized.

Good point, but I could just shut off the lighting if it’s a situation in which it’s distracting. I’m not that into it, but it seems kind of fun to dial in some color schemes that I think will look cool, and to be really expensive, complicated ambient lighting.

One actual reason is that have a young son who has been playing games on tablets a ton and, if he’s going to play games, then I would rather have the hobby encompass the complexity of PC hardware. And the cool lighting is one thing to make it more attractive. To not raise a lowly (solely) console gamer, LOL.

No. That will come with/after new gaming machine. No need for more than I have now, given what my machine can crank out. When it comes down to the time, I guess I’ll be looking for HDMI 2.1 compliant 4K with 120Hz refresh rate. Or can one get up to 144Hz or even 165Hz at 4K? Is HDMI 2.1 necessary for that? Can a Ryzen 5900X + Nvidia 3080 drive that?

I’ve got some homework to do, still.

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Up to 4k and 120 fps is fine for display port, but more than that and hdmi 2.1 is the choice.
If you play modern games in 4k on max Details I am pretty sure the 3080 will run below that threshold most of time. The difference between 120 and 140+ shouldn’t even be that noticable anyways.

What you really should look into is in-house streaming via Steam Link or alternatives (not sure Nvidia has one but I am optimistic.

I have a steam link device plugged into my network and I can stream my pc (in my office) to my living room TV (fullhd).
It works very good. I usually play casual games like overcooked with my girlfriend,but it’s really neat to fire that up easily as if my pc was standing next to my TV.

I don’t know how good it would work with 4k resolution, but afaik it also allows streaming between a Desktop PC and an laptop (via software).
So you actually wouldn’t need to physically move your PC around the house at all. Just a laptop or even just a tablet and the display of your choice.

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I knew about Steam Link but always assumed it would be too laggy for anything that is remotely fast-twitch. So…would not want to play sports games on it, or FPS games.

Is that about right…or am I being too negative, in the sense that, yes, it’s laggier, but not so much that it stops one from enjoying the gameplay?

But if you find it enjoyable even for games like Overcooked, which is still all about real time movement and some degree of “precision,” then that’s encouraging.

The way I think about it, I want to be able to play in, say, the living room, so that I can be in same room as my wife. But with her watching TV and me playing a game, on a separate monitor. If on a mobile cart (or just plain moving a SFF system) then could just jack HDMI into the living room TV.

I know I’m probably overthinking this all. But that ought not be a surprise.

Steam Link works extremely well. I haven’t noticed any input lag at all. It sporadically lags because of some network issue but when it works it’s almost perfect.

Now I haven’t used it for full fledged gaming yet (2k, AC, Witcher etc.) because my TV just isn’t really good (was a gift) and my ips 1440p PC screen is just miles ahead visually so for everything graphically stunning I use that.
Control wise you don’t feel like it is streamed at all.

Some limitations may apply regardin Input Devices though:
I have the device that is EOL and isn’t produced anymore. I don’t know how it would work if I wanted to use mouse and keyboard.
Also not all TVs support the steam link app (I don’t know how you set up your input defice on that) as my box supports Bluetooth and I can just use an Xbox 1 Controller.
Using a laptop as a receiver might be the best choice in that regard.

You should definetly have hard wired network connection from both your pc and your steam link device to the router. I use d-lan adapter from living room (router location) to office. Could obviously be vice versa depending on where your internet socket is in your house.

What type of graphics card and overall power should I be looking into if I wanna have the option to play games on my PC but my PS5 will still be my main machine

Basically I want emulated games, including PS3, to run very well and then have the option to play an FPS type game at like High settings?

This may all be gibberish, I’m not very into PCs, I have a pre-built one for the last year and a half with an NVIDIA 10something (1060? 1070? I forget). But I’m starting my first post-grad job this summer and I wanna put a portion of my signing bonus to an upgrade