PC can you please sell me these players


What do you mean? Tmac is 8k afaik
There are hundreds of pippens up…
Buy EM of the AH yourself.
Or do you ASK for a Hand out?

Hand out? Get out of my thread and lay off the tab key. There are multiple cards like Mutombo who aren’t on the AH.

If you want to be a dick. Go to Reddit. We actually help people here.



What is OP asking I don’t understand ?

Chill dude, its a legit question when there r common cards on the list…
Could’ve just posted the rare cards to be mote precise
O think i dont have most of the cards and can only check when i am back home 12.28.
I think just sold my Strickland not sure though

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Nah just move on. You’re not in my pocket…
I’m switching from PS4 and this is my lineup. A few members told me some of these cards are rare so I was asking. You’re dismissed.

PC AH is weird some cards arent always on AH since alot of cards go over 100k.

Oh in see .

Man you always this sensitive? Nevermind, i will ignore you from now on. Better for both parties i suppose…

Like i said… dismissed.

Merry christmas gentleman ! Lets get that holiday spirit up :slight_smile:

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How many of these cards do you still need? I have a good amount of them.

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Thanks bro was able to cop all of them. Mutombo was a hard find, but finally got him. Whats your steam?