Payton or Harden?

So I just finished this Kareem spotlight and I had been running Harden at PG with Ray and Tmac. I’ve been using this Payton for the spotlight challenges and I’m starting to really like him. He is a flat out lockdown. I dont shoot well with him and I’m not a huge fan of his dribble moves. He can beast on the post though! Is it worth giving up Hardens offense to keep Payton for his defense? I mean offense shouldn’t be to big of a problem with Ray Tmac Giannis and Wilt should it?

Payton his defense is why

I honestly think I’m leaning toward Payton. I just played a guy that starts Ben Simmons and brings in Drose. Payton played the whole game and he was outstanding. Very few blow buys, ripped Ben several times. If I try to steal with Harden it’s a foul everytime. I only scored 5pts with him but I dont think I need his offense anymore

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Yeah this is a decision only you can make.

A few things that go into the decision.

How do you run your offense, and through which position the post do you need points.

Where / what positions do you have trouble defending.

Do you enjoy the card itself.

So if you say you don’t need him for offense, he guards a position effectively for you that most people try to exploit, and you enjoy him, go with GP.

Its tough because Harden is the more fun card. I just recently learned the step back. Payton just might be better for winning more games. I’d say I run plays over 50 percent of the time unless I can push the pace against slow teams like Yao and Bosh. Tough one!

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Depends what youre lookin for.

Glove is pure Defense - Beard is fun and an offensive machine.

If you need your PG to score and bcan hide him on D, take Harden.

If your PG is mainly a ball distributor and not primary scorer, take Payton.

I sold payton after finishing this spotlight but i stayed with oscar robertson because i liked him a lot while i played few games, great defender and nice atacker. I played only one game with payton, the final one and never played with harden, but oscar for me is great in A and D:)

Harden is fun vs CPU cause you can hide him , in MTU guys will always run their offense through the guy attacking harden … such a black hole on D , had one and it’s a great offensive force , great release but in mtu it’s hard to olay with…
Payton is good but you need to learn how to use it well , it’s a defensive force and a great playmaker … in MTU he dominates

Honestly Robertson is the best mix of both

If you like defense, PD Rondo is cheaper than Gary and has a faster release plus good range extender.

I just picked up Payton. He’s light years ahead of Harden IMO. If you have somebody else you can score through in your starting lineup. Payton is the guy you want at point right now.


since you locked for Ray, you also have Rose, who is well balanced I believe