Paul Westphal

On the promo on the Home screen of MyTeam, the “Mark Price Legacy Series” shows a Diamond Bob Love, an Amethyst Chuck Person, and a Diamond Paul Westphal.

Seeing as how Paul Westphal isn’t in packs right now and he is a Suns player, any guesses on how that relates to other Legacy Series players?

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He’s just not in the game at all. It’s False Advertising at least, but mainly just more incompetence on 2K’s end.

Ive heard we’re getting a new spotlight challenge tomorrow or Tuesday. A lot of folks think it’s going to have a kareem and Oscar in it. I was on that train as well, because 2k never releases the first op magic (PG) card without there being an Oscar to battle with it.

The Paul Westphaul has intrigued me though, here me out.

What if it was an Easter egg for the next spotlight series challenge?

Westphal would be like the rolando Blackman we got last week. Historic great that played for that team.

I think everyone knows that 2k have made these challenges and called them free so they can use the reward cards to boast about how they gave out so many free cards that can compete with god squads.

So with that being said…

AS FAR AS I KNOW the greatest sun of all time Charles Barkley is not on the 2K roster, so we have to assume 2k will follow suit with giving a complete lineup of cards based off the player the challenges are about.

SG: Dwade
SF: Clyde
PF: Dirk

And a complete lineup of rewards as well.
Pg: Francis
SF: Marion
PF: Webber
C: Mourning

Westphal like I said is not the reward. He’s just a filler for suns fans.

The last Spotlight Challenge for Series one to beat and Unlock PG Magic Johnson is going to be Jason Kidd Evo to pink diamond which after dropping a million pts and assist with his slow ass release, once a pd 4-5 people likely to do this at this point in the game, he will get HOF quick draw and have a top release in 2k for fist time ever, with HOF clamps defense to lock up new magic!

So kidd is the choice here, one because he is the best point guard that fits the 90’s or 2000’s era all the other guys starred in. And we need a PG to fill out lineup.

Now for the reward. This is easy, SG/SF Joe Johnson with Quick draw (will be best shooter off the dribble in game). We also need a SG and Joe Johnson has a great couple years in Phoenix, and is a player from the 90’s or 2000’s.

Now for the card that could be the reward that’s a SG/SF that played with kidd but not necessarily Phoenix but played a major role in his legacy. Vince Carter.

If we get Jason Kidd, We will get an Amy or higher Vince Carter that’s going to make this set even more expensive than the dirk set to do the challenges. If you buy and complete early you’ll probably lose your ass. I really think Carter will be a diamond in the set, and not the reward. They haven’t given us a name that big for a reward yet, they won’t start here, but they will make him op so that we have to unload all our mt to get magic.

Vince carter played 51 games with the Phoenix suns.

I didn’t have anything else, this spotlight conspiracy theory is over!