Paul Pierce.. i’m so late to the show

It was the only PD reward I didn’t really wanted, but I was so done on throwing away tokens for packs on the market that I decided to give him a go.

The guy is a freaking beast.

I play him on SG and hi is so dominant :scream: I regret so much not picking him up earlier!


post fades for days


People did not believe when i said this card is OP AF… Lol


It’s disgusting how he’s bullying people in the paint! I seriously think that people who said he’s shit simply didn’t wanted others to pick him :joy:


He is a freaking beast, Knezius didn’t listen when I told him that

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Best shoe?

Jordan III

Adidas expl. 2017 high

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jordan cp3. layup swb ball control cont3 lat quickness. with Casey he has all 99 mid/3pt

Gotta be j’s

Seems like a waste of a cp3

Indeed the cp3’s are the best but too expensive right now. The Adidas are going for under 10k

96 layup
98 lat quickness
89 ball control
85 speedwball
99 contested 3

Adidas explosive, he needs speed above everything else.

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nobody cares about speed with klay and i use him at SF where speed is slightly less important.

Maybe you dont, i run plays relentlessy and it matters to me.

true u cant go wrong either way. i just like the handling boosts for when i have the ball in his hands

I use him in post or for plays rarely he got to ball handle for me

Needs that speed to come out of screens

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