Paul George says he wanted to be a Spur in 2017 🧢

What is it Pg or u just capping


PG13 is a clown.


The same way he says he was a lifelong Clippers fan

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F this guy.

Wants to come to the Lakers then gets butthurt when we don’t want to trade our whole team, in order to wait a year for FA.

Then ghosts us during FA and says he wants to do it with Russ.

Then ditches Russ and forces OKC into rebuild mode.


They would’ve been teammates from the start if Indy didn’t trade the Kawhi pick for George Hill

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You put out the only team I want to go is the Lakers. That team going to want the farm or not give him his wish. Show me where Russ demanded a trade first even though that doesn’t matter for this.

Paul George is one of the biggest A-holes. but media is forcing their shit onto Harden who is a cool chill dude. But hey, what do i know. Don’t forget that when shit got sideways in Indy in the playoffs he constantly threw his team mates under the bus.

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He made a whole documentary just for his free agency when he was never leaving. Pg is a clown.


He just puts a bad taste in my mouth these days not respectable anymore

Or he could realize that if he just waits a year the team would be in a FAR FAR better position to contend.

Remember how Wade looked at him when he said he thinks he can win with Russ over LBJ Lmfao

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Yup and this was the real reason he pick Russmoney-bag

He use yall to get the most money then dip to the Clippers

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So PG is a clown for wanting the Lakers to trade for him and not wait for free agency, but AD throwing a public tantrum and doing the same is completely fine?

Ad younger and a better player than Paul George. Did Pg want a team around him

Did you even read what the man wrote?
If it was someone else, I would’ve thought they’re trolling on purpose.

I think it more has to do with him coming out and specifically saying he wants to play for the Lakers

Then not even granting us a MEETING during FA, claiming he was, “where he belonged, and where he felt most comfortable” only for a year later to blow it all up lmao.

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Luckily he didn’t go there and he end up playing for the better & cooler team of LA

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Yes at the time the Lakers didn’t have Lebron.


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Your Lakers didn’t even make the playoffs for the past 6 years