Paul George Challenge up

Dont know if anyone posted but the challenge is up. Beat a team full of PG and score 49 points with a single player to win 10k mt.


Yeah, you’re hella late.


kinda upset they didn’t do something for an amy pg

yeah I missed it somehow

Where can i find this? Let go granger

I guess I’m glad I didn’t unload my AM Curry yet.

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Thank you for that!

yeah I figured you’d be all over this one

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How long is this good for. Out of town for holiday but really want pg13

Just did this challenge, scored 54 with KAJ and won the game. At the end it said saving VC message of some sort, and I didn’t end up getting the 10,000 nor the 1390 that I made playing the game. WTF lol Didn’t save the video on time, and don’t feel like dealing with 2k over 11,000+ mt. Pretty lame though. Anyone else? Oh it did give me like 400vc which was really odd.

Kaj ate good

Same thing happen for me. I scored 52 with KAJ and got nothing after the game

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Completed it and pretty sure I got the Rewards. For those who didn’t get your 10K MT, does the Challenge show as Completed?

This is super easy with Trailing 3 Cheese. Used MoPete and he dropped 67 on 18-42 3PM/A and 23-54 FGM/A. Trailing 3 cheese, and Punch Loop 25. Oscar got 22 Assists.

42.59% isn’t all that impressive in PvCPU, but this was also just my 2nd game with MoPete, ever. And for most of the first quarter, I was forgetting if I had slotted him in as PG or SG.

Ruby Mo Pete?

I made it but I forgot I had to score 49 pts with one player

Well, here we go again

Did everything they said and got nothing

Yeah, the Ruby MoPete. Prob still easy with Emerald.

Nope, the challenge doesn’t say completed. I guess I’ll do it one more time over the weekend, and see what happens.

It was too much fun annihilating a PG13 quadruple team with KAJ over and over and over!!!