Patriots Vs Rams Discussion Thread

Not sure how many people are actually watching the game, 2k has been kind of dead so probably not that many people on the forums. Just here to discuss all the bs calls and frustration of the people when Tom Brady gets his last ring and retire.

Tom Brady isn’t retiring.

A reporter asked him what’s the chance that this game, win or lose, is the last he plays in and he literally held up his hand a made an “O”, indicating a 0% chance this is his last.

Either way, it’ll be a great five hours filled with great commercials and a most likely odd halftime show

Whoever voted for pats easy money



Idk about that one

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Wow at that call lol.

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Rigged! Lol

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I’m calling huge game for Gronk tonight - someone say 100+ yds?

AGAIN!!!?!? Really Gostkowski?

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That’s a really really interesting 3rd down call from the Pats

And while typing this Gostkowski misses the FG

Pats 3-0

Sicko mode lol

Anybody watching this half time show?
This has to be the worst half time in Superbow history… comeplete dogshit


Taking the tarp off definitely was not the play…

For real worst halftime show

If the rams score 3 points and nothing else happens do both win

OT my friend

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Kidding lol slowest game ever hoping for more than 3 pts now lol