Patrick Beverly has to be one of the most trash players in the nba

You drop 2 points, 3 turnovers, while lebron drops 28 on y’all and y’all lose and you’re saying this


Hes speaking truth

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No lies detected

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:sob::sob::sob: “no challenge” dawg you played horrible, Bradley dropped 20 on your head, and Lebron has 28 gtfo

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He clearly needs a drug test :sweat_smile:


what you expect him to say?


if you play someone, they beat you, drop 28 on you and you score 2 points with 3 turnovers, you cannot say that person is not a challenge to guard

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That’s just having an ego when you don’t have shit to back it up


I mean but yall know his mentality?

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Yoel esque


Y’all know he’s mental :joy:

His mentality should be to go contribute on the court, not talk shit, everybody can talk shit but not everyone can go out there and hoop to back it up, that’s the right dog / grit and grind mentality

Volume scorer isn’t his role, so I don’t know why that would affect whether he can talk or not.

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Your point? He had the worse +/- on the team, lead the team in turnovers and his switching which lead to Bradley draining 3s didn’t help much either… hooping doesn’t have to just be points

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where did he talk shit in that interview lmao he was asked a question and he answered

what did you want him to do bow down to the team that just beat him? If you expected that then you played your self

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I didn’t watch the game

Ah :joy: at least you were honest

You must not be a hooper or play football, if someone says you’re not a challenge to guard that is literally shit talking :joy:

Nah just be honest/realistic dudes literally trending on twitter for how stupid the comment is

Let me add that he paired that with 5 fouls, he played his role right :triumph:

atleast we know you dont know me,

its okay you expected something out of him and didnt get it just dont understand what you expected PATRICK BEV out of all ppl to say