Patman update: They've got their mish

I actually really like this casting. Not completely sold on Jonah as possibly playing The Riddler though

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I still can’t get past the sparkling fairy as Batman, can’t watch this.

As a black guy, If they were gonna make Gordon black then he’s the best cast imo

I don’t get any Bruce Wayne vibes from the twilight lame tho

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Black, white, sparkly, green it doesn’t matter. This dude brings a amazing presence to the screen every time. He’s perfect for this role

I’m actually warming to it a little. I hated it at first but now I’m intrigued.

I just can’t get on to it. I’m not a huge DC fan to begin with but Patman just kills it for me

I would have been keen for an Idris Elba Batman, more last year than rn since his been in a few corny movies since. But he’s got contracts with DC for suicide squad and he could have made for a pretty cool Batman.

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Look tbh I’d prefer they leave Bats and Joker alone for a bit as I love both those character’s so much and they are oversaturating them.

But, that Joker trailer looks very good (eventhough I don’t think he needs an origin story), and after Batfleck it feels the only way is up. So I’m going to hold a tiny bit of optimism for this reboot

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I really wanted to see him as Superman before they gave the gig to Cavill, but also think he’s maybe a bit old for that role now

I thought he got stitched up missing out on the 007 role but I think your right, a few years younger and he’d be an awesome superman.

I’m really excited for DC and Marvel to start focusing on new characters though instead of recycling older ones, or continue introducing characters that haven’t been really heard of, Marvel has an unreal 2020/21 lineup of movies coming.

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What do you guys think of Jonah as The Riddler? I initially thought Penguin but is that too obvious?

I don’t like the initial thought of him as the riddler, I really wish Jesse Eisenberg wasn’t Lex Luther because he’d make an abosultey unreal Riddler

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Yes! That seems like such a perfect fit. The man-crush I have for Idris is getting a little out of control though. I’m about 1 appearance away from greeting him with a marriage sack…

Likewise. I also hoping they drip feed us into x-men like they did with the Avengers. Start with a character that is less of a favourite and bring them all together piece by piece.

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Ooh I like that! Now I want this.

I mean DC may aswell just flip the whole thing on its head at this point. Keep Gadot and Momoa then retcon all the mistakes

Join the club man. He can be in all the shitty movies and projects (2k, lol) he likes. He’s got a life time pass in my man crush books. Stringer bell was all that was required but Luther definitely helped solidify his place.

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Get out of my head!

Seriously though - How. Good. Is. Luthor. It’s the first thing I recommend to anyone who likes Idris. Hell it’d be the first thing I’d recommend to people who dislikes Idris, but I’m no longer friends with those people

True, it’s rather the fact if you’re gonna deviate from their comic book looks it has to be an actor who can really fit the role,

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I agree, just recast everyone and start again, have a 10 year plan and release the characters slowly like Marvel did and they can really bring back the DC to the top.

Jesse gives me that Jim Carrey ‘The Riddler’ feel though he would make an interesting Scarecrow as well.

They are talking about Idris taking over Will Smith and Deadshot but I didn’t mind Will Smith he was just in a shit movie that he can’t help. Idris as Batman before he gets old would be cool. I also really love and can’t wait for Mahershala Ali as Blade.

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Yeah defs. I think Carrey (just like you said with Wil Smith as Deadshot) was excellent casting in a very average movie, but Eisenberg would bring just that touch more depth to the character I think. He’d bring that tortured anxiousness vibe that would give the Riddler a little more cred.

Oh fuck yeah I had forgotten about that! Very pumped to see that reboot. He’s the only reason I watched as much of Luke Cage as I did haha