Patch is actually cheese

As a 6’7" middle school teacher, I get to play Dikembe Mutumbo with 7th and 8th graders all the time. You know what they can’t do? Stop me from shootong off two feet whenever I decide to. They arent tall enough to stop my shot and I know it.

I’m glad the little guys in game can defend now… but can steve francis actually contest a shot from dirk? Should Wade be holding porzingis down in the post?

This patch actually seems wickedly unrealistic- I think they needed to tweak the differential in speed between the slow and fast players instead of the shot contest system.


The shot contest has zero affect on me. I only take open shots pre and post patch. The defense is ramped up to the max I hope they leave it alone game feels really good.

No it isnt. Even though theyre smaller, they still alter the way the shot is taken by altering the initial path of the ball when bring it up for a shot from the bottom.

Yep offballing at the max now

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I agree with OP. Maxed out speed, swb, bc, and latqui need to be reserved for smaller players and then the shot contest wouldn’t be such a big deal.

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No they don’t. A 7 footer’s release is higher… like dirk cocks it all the way back behind his head over 8 feet on the air. How you gonna mess with that at 6’3"?


In depends how you define a contest. In real life, if someone is standing right in front of you in your air space, no matter what their height is, in theory that should bother you a little more than if you were wide open.

So I’m glad a contest registers no matter what, even if it is a light contest.

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I kinda agree with this. In the NBA, when you have a big height advantage, you’ll see the player just shoot over the guy with little effect


This is why little players play a hair dirty

If you close out on the big while contesting lean into the taller with your chest while he’s facing up

If they catch the ball low and you can’t rip the ball, make it as difficult and awkward for him while he is bringing the ball up


True, but its also why you dont see guards in isolation on stretch bigs very often.

I see both sides of this spectrum all the time lol

It’s just a bad matchup that’s why lol

Just like you don’t see a big wanting to guard a quick little guy on the perimeter

I feel like your 1000% right in theory but the game isnt built to handle that unfortunately. so this is the band-aid. James Worthy and AK under no circumstance should be the best pgs in the mode. atleast not guards can actually compete. i can use my pd jkidd again. win or lose its still more fun this way. imo.

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That’s KDs main advantage. Shooting over competition. Still Patrick B shows there are ways of contesting. Most aren’t technically legal tho :joy:

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Right, but if you try that in game, the guard can realistically torch the big defender. I wanna be able to laugh as I shoot over barron davis with sabonis :slight_smile:


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That’s been all 2k19 lol

Right, haha! “Lean your chest into them” is a foul

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The problem is you can’t transfer irl logic with video game logic. IRL, there’s only like 5 93+ players. In this game, everyone’s a 95+ basically now and naturally as ratings become so high, things like height and animations reign supreme