Patch 6 tomorrow

Patch 6 tomorrow

MTU still ignored lol

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Patch 20 release in Feb and 2k gonna be like “we’ve noticed some recent issues relating to MTU don’t worry we are aware, and love community feedback”.



We did touch on one myteam issue - quick thru STS has been removed from the nets playbook



They really bout have a qualifer with a ton of error code messages/servers dying


Confirmed the qualifier weekend gonna be a shitshow

I’m waiting for the revert some aspects of the game back to 2k19 patch

If they don’t fix shot contest im gonna lose my shit

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over/under 25 GB patch

Probly a 100 GB.

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Looking forward to uninstall fifa 20 for some neighborhood invites

Not another huge patch please…

By the end of the year we gonna need 2tb external hard drive to play 2k…

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I need a 2nd XBOX just for 2K20 man

It’s unreal their game can’t even function yet it’s a 60$ buy & micro transaction cash cow

Hopping for a fix in Collector level…