Patch 5 changed the pause timer

You get 3 minutes total now but you only get 30 seconds per pause. When the 30 seconds is up you loose one of your pauses. You also still only get 6 pauses.


Das it?

damn gg to changing defensive settings in one pause. this is going to be annoying


I fuck with this. Tired of my opponents pausing the game making adjustments when it doesn’t change the fact they’re gonna lose.

Brutal ! :+1:


That’s gay

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30sec per paus that aids

I dont know how to feel about this, because I have kids and at times I have to run and check something out real fast. Just on sunday I had to run and get the door for the pizza man and that was longer than 30 seconds.

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Good to see 2k has their priorities straight.

Good point

Sometimes you just have to go to the bathroom! Lol

Bet they didn’t fix the controller glitch in TTO though.

Edit: Just read the notes, :man_shrugging:Guess they did. Good for 2k, actually doing something right.:upside_down_face:

I can’t think about Baraka without hearing DashieXP’s voice lol

“Head-to-Head game types (Play With Friends, Unlimited) should now use default free throw difficulty settings rather than the global settings of one of the users involved in the game.“

Wait can someone explain what the issue was prior to the patch?

If you changed your global FT sliders in home settings menu, it affected online H2H modes too :rofl:

(Sounds like both players used the same settings though, dunno how the game picked who’s settings to use).

Edit: sliders better word than settings

I missed out on free throw-gate :sleepy:


It doesn’t unpause you after 30 seconds. If you take longer than 30 seconds, it just eats into your “pause count” if that makes sense.

So you start out with 5 pauses or whatever it is. If you take 50 seconds, then it starts eating into your 4th pause

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Oh wow, that’s a big distinction. I like that much better. Do you lose the 30 seconds from the pause if you don’t use it all?

So like if you pause for 31 seconds, you lose 60 out of a possible 180 seconds?

Do you lose pauses by going over 30 seconds?

Oh I’m not sure about that. I just know this because someone paused on me, and never came back. So each “pause” was in increment of 30 seconds, and he used up all of them

You’re right my bad. For every 30 seconds that goes by you loose one of your pauses.