Patch 4 in 48 hours


Is this current gen, next gen, or both?

Patch 4 would indicate just next gen.

Probably some big time gameplay adjustments that render all our builds broken so that we need to fork out more for a build we can use. 2k find ways to monetize EVERYTHING


There must be a new VC glitch to patch


Hopefully they patch leaners. The leaners kill next gen.


I’m hoping for bench subs and freelance selection on the fly.
Hate to choose the subs so i just turn it to auto


I’d rejoice lol

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They need to patch the leaners/pull up 3s.


This patch better add Y/Triangle cuts back into the game so I don’t gotta play current gen for offline xp grinding


They can do something about people rim running and getting bailed out with fouls finally ?

Please, 2k. Patch the awful substition system on next gen.

Edit: +1 for fixing the dumbass leaner bullshit.

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Or at least the ability to use the new interface to cut. Like cut to the basket feature. With lb and icon and x. But u can only do it in spot light challenges ll or 5v5 gameplay. It’s ass lol

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this. that shit is annoying as hell

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Yeah bro I hate that we can’t even send manual cuts on triple threat. But even with the lb, icon, and x I agree it’s 100% ass. Cuts should be quick read and react movement like in real life. 2k f’d up by taking the one button cuts out

I mean I see why they did. If anyone played me last year you would see how op those cuts were. Tbh I don’t mind how it is in can still get them to cut really hard just takes a bit of adjustment

In TT they could just switch the AI. My players will always cut when. I want them open for the 3 (or to clear out the keyway while I drive) and sit at the 3 when I want them to cut.

Getting alley oops is extremely rare now too, so much so I don’t even bother.

Count me as the only one that’s glad they took the cuts out, I suppose. Too many people use them as a bail out when that ass is getting clamped. I’m glad they’re gone.


:sleepy: another 40 GB patch to change tshirts and hairstyles


I win ttoffline games just as fast as on current gen. On next gen I splash 3s with Curry.