Patch 3 within 48 hours

If this patch lowers steal success with non defensive builds, contested shot success and increase passing speed then I’m happy


Are they going to release patch notes?

I wouldn’t bet on it

Fixing the auction binder scrolling would increase my enjoyment of this game exponentially


The steals are ridicules, its so annoying

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I’m glad you agree the steals as are a problem

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I’m hoping they address some of the game crashes as well. Whenever I win a park game theres like a 50% chance I’m sent to my xbox dashboard. Not to mention the multiple crashing issues in domination and triple threat

One guy said patch getting fouled out in park :man_facepalming:t5: Why are you getting fouled out to begin with

They gotta patch centers getting stripped as soon as they come down from a rebound. As a glass cleaner this has to be the most annoying thing in the game


This shit is annoying AF even in myteam.

Imagine fighting for a rebound. Getting the ball stripped. Getting stuck in an animation and they lay the ball up since you can’t move. Like come on 2k that shit ain’t fair

I had a pure lockdown on me in the 2’s & his shotcreator buddy literally just spammed square every second on defense. Not even a semblance of defense except pressing square. It’s ridiculous they ended up with 8 steals & the pure lockdown fouled out lmaoo

Unfortunately, this is most likely an intended feature, to help ease server load, by making the AH slower. I don’t think they will speed it up at all this year (though I can hope).

It is super annoying, but it does give grinders a leg up on the AH, because so many people don’t want to be bothered with it this year. A sort of consolation prize for some.


I suggest you watch Da_zcar video about ball security if you think you’re getting stripped to much.



Let them break their square button. Just protect the ball and get out of the 2K18 mindset. You need to have space to sauce up folks. How many times do you see guys saucing folks up that are bodying them up? They create space and then sauce em up


Patch notes say faster auction house scrolling


I wonder what the new diamond contract max/mins are?

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It b to 20k id say

Nice that it will allow OTFC offensive gameplan changes. I’m assuming we don’t have to call a timeout to switch freelances anymore

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No mention of turning down defensive abilities thank goodness

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