Patch 1.10 - Current


Just got it too, I wonder what it is

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Current gen ?

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31 gb on Xbox. That’s a lot for face scans.


probably new decorations in the park


So, is there any patch note for this update?

Fix Danny hairline and lower the odds some more.:joy:

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Lower odds, Steph Curry beard adjustment 3.0

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Has anyone elses download speeds been super slow on xbox? I can only get about 15 mbps but my download speeds on a speed test are like 300+

Any patch notes for changes on current gen??

got somewhere not sure whether its true

How big is the update on ps?


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Can someone tell me what is this “win/loss exploit” mean?

patch notes are on 2k site for 3 days

  • our shitty servers are even more shittier now with 3 delays per day

  • we don’t work on any improvements on gameplay, but we rather make the Dark Matter tier more shinier because we know that’s what you all want

  • improved and optimised VC buying menus

  • added the option for kidney payments in microtransactions