Pascal Siakam is earning every dollar of his max contract

Pascal Siakam is earning every dollar of his max contract

Last night, I was lucky enough to go to the Timberwolves game and watch the team secure a historic 15 game win-streak.

As a Raptor’s fan this season has been great for us. It definitely doesn’t have that blockbuster feel as when we had Kawhi, but this season we are dealing with champions. Everyone has completely bought into the team. And Siakam has been able to develop his game so much. From one of the worst 3pt shooters in the league to an above-average 3pt shooter today just shows his dedication to the game. If this guy was on the Lakers, the media wouldn’t stop talking about him as if he was the second-coming.

Siakam learned basketball at age 16. He’s going to be a superstar.


Yup he is gonna be a superstar.
Spicy P. He can do it all.


No disrespect to Kawhi, but I’m more excited for Siakam to carry this franchise. We all knew Kawhi was a rental but Spicy P is here to stay. Gotta love it


Correction he is a superstar:)
Name another player that can score in post iso at will with crazy efficiency


It’s starting to come out Kawhi had no intent of resigning. No sense loving the girl that never loved you.

Spicy P had been great this year—early dominance to production dip to recent return to early form(6-8 from three last night!). And he lives in Toronto with his brothers, and TO has some great African food and culture.

This should continue to be the trend going forward for the Raptors: acquire international players. Maybe 2021 will see addition of another such player


I’m not sure about this rumor but I think kawhi wants to stay if raptors trade for PG13.
But at the expense of Spicy P.

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During free agency, Kawhi apparently asked Masai to get Paul George. Masai asked if Kawhi would commit to the Raptors if such a trade was made. Kawhi said no he wouldn’t commit, and just wait until that eventuality and then see.

Masai determined the asking price for PG was too high to even entertain such a precarious combination of notions.

Toronto was used to drive negotiations elsewhere.

Two of the most connected journalists on the Raptors, Zach Lowe of ESPN and Bruce Arthur of the Toronto Star, both believe Kawhi had no intent of resigning in Toronto


I say that’s a good call/decision by the raptors.

The asking price was supposedly pascal and vanvleet to OKC and TOR would have got Westbrook and PG13 but that’s just the basics of the rumored deal at the time.

I’m so glad we stuck with our guys. Bet on yourself. That’s our whole damn team lol. I remember when lowry was the face of being the “choke”. His game runs so smoothly it’s ridiculous. This is the kinda guy you want in your locker room

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Big time. You see Kyles game instilled in fvv and the entire team

I love watching this team when it’s 3rd quarter. Early 4th. When they are pushing the pace and blazing into the half court Pascal Freddy or Lowry. It’s crazy to see when they get going. Drive with reckless Abandon. But then slow the game down instantly. Find an open guy. Kick. Attract the help. Kick again. Bucket. And book it as Matty Devlin would say

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It’s also amazing how this team is so selfless. Everyone literally sacrifices for the better of the team. Lot of our players could get more money and more touches on another team. But they are such a tight knit unit that really do play for EACH other. This is very underrated… This team is so tight. Championship level chemistry it shows in these games where they need to battle back and end up clutching wins.


Team is like a combination of young guys and veterans.
Just like playing myGM and everyone got a Player Mentor.

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But… what about scarves?

I mean Kawhi woulda got one but that dumb mother fucker left. Lol. Jk

Dont say this to early bro, we have Bron’s promise to stay in Cleveland, yet things happened…

Lol ya but Pascal ain’t Bron. And he just signed a huge contract. Pretty sure Pascal is smart and realizes he is the player he is today BECAUSE of the raptors organization and the systems they have in place for him to be successful. He would be dumb to leave.

I’m oh so close to putting Siakam in the top 10 players in the league category. He’s almost there


Nick Nurse is a big reason for the success. Besides maybe Spolestra & a couple old heads, he’s def a top 5-6 head coach.


It’s just a matter of time if this team goes DEEP this year with pascal at the helm doing his thing leading the team you better believe people gunna give him the respect they will have too.
I’m cautiously optimistic bout these playoffs. Only one team in the east scares me in a 7 game series

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