Part 2 Live Dynamic Duo Pack Oppening


If you would like o check this stream, here isthe link to it.
Im going to be oppening loads of DD Packs

Damn. You got some nice pulls. I watched you open a few, got the itch & opened 4 packs. Pulled Amy Derozan & KAT…then got that pink glow. Pulled new MJ. I appreciate the motivation.


Hahaha I pulled a ton for PD Curry ,diamond wall, Pau, and a ton of no value amethyst


This guy lowkey got good pulls man : when i tuned in he got PD 99 Everything LeBron 2x, Simmons and Westbrook

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How many packs did you open?

IDK, but yesterday and today combined I spent around 550k MT

but you easily earned more than that from sales, yes?

Yes, but not a lot.

I’m streaming again, MORE PACKS


Just saying for people who would maybe want to watch it

You didn’t get it. It’s cool