Park Rep Back in 2k20. Confirmed

Park Rep Back in 2k20. Confirmed

Looks like Park rep is back this year


i didnt really like last years rep but i guess this is good

was hoping for rookie,pro,all pro,legend

Good, will be laughing again once those high rep guys are expecting easy prey from AM1.

Bruh this rep system is stupid it’s the same one as last year

You are now able to hide our rep and overall

Gg tho the lames that run from games I’m hiding my rep and overall


Word? Where you saw that from?

It’s an assumption but Ronnie did say that they have a special and simple way of stopping the problem of ppl ducking higher ranks on stream so maybe this is their fix


A solid W from 2K if this is true

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There’s gonna be some lame tryhards who are gonna be flexing their elite 3 rep thinking they are cool. I’m gonna hide my rep so I can get games but people are still gonna check records


Did y’all see Ronnie said in his stream that you can change your build if you don’t like it without losing vc


We went from :

Creating a build without knowing how good he could be and too bad if you’re casting time and money

To :

Creating a build with possibility to try it at any overall to see if we like it, and then we can change it later if you changed your mind

W for 2K