Park or my team ? Which mode is more popular?

This year was my first on 2k ,
I ve tried my team and was amazing until they start to transform the game on a completely arcade one with all this stupid cards !
There no sense of grind and have benefits with the grind in the mode , there isn’t comp or nothing that make me win in the game besides my personality ,
I don’t want to play a game for 3/ 4 months !
Probably will try park next year , but I still have this curiosity .
Which one is more popular ?

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No idea, gut response is still park/pro am/career as the more played mode though. If you’re going to give park/pro am a go next year, find yourself a good fun, like minded crew to run with. Only thing that makes it fun for me. There’s just as much cheese and game abuse over in these modes but if you’ve got a crew that plays together and enjoys each other that’s where the fun is :slight_smile:


I can’t tell for sure, but just by checking who are the biggest YoutTubers for NBA 2k, i’d say 80% of them have to do with MyTeam.

Park is way more popular and way more toxic

how? myteam gameplay is a complete joke

park has some awful cheese in 2s but 3s is pretty great gameplay

park > myteam

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you must try it — mycareer & the game modes within it is the best mode in this game IMO

Yeah 2’s is disgusting. 3’s can be pretty gross too though. Rec is the best IMO

Comp pro am can be toxic too. The meta this year is a point guard who can shoot, one pure Sharp and 3 lockdown/rim spamming 5 out pnr and zone défense where you cannot do any pass.

Very différent from myteam as in some match you wont touch the ball much in offense according to your build.

Still very very fun to compete with 4 other guys and find strategies we all agree on. You can even feel like you are part of à real team

what lineup/strategy? i never really feel like anything beat me straight by cheese in 3s

i.e. in 2s i can lose to significantly worse players just from the lineup/strategy & be extremely frustrated, but i never feel like damn those guys beat me bc their lineup/gameplay is cheesy in 3s

rec is cool but boring for me compared to park, hella easy too many blowouts but i’ll have to try proam next year — game lasts too long if the other team is poop whereas in park it’ll just be next up in a couple mins

There is the inbound glitch.

Otherwise it’s just like in every other mode. Point guard zig-zaging behind screen with base 11 jumpshot but that can be stopped.

Before shot contest patch it would be a stretch or 2 and a glass or 2. Just zig zag behind some HOF brick wall screens and shoot over people.

I haven’t played much park the last few months so not sure the cheese at the moment, might be better

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ya like you said that’s stoppable

tbh hardest thing to stop is a great play sharp with a combo of stretch/lock/rim with them, but that requires all of the players to be skilled/smart to beat a good team — besides that i don’t think any lineup is too overpowered, even that requires good play

Completely disagree and it’s not even close. And that’s coming from someone who plays on the 1v1 court and 2’s pretty often.

I don’t think 2K’s ever made their mode popularity data public, but my best guess would be:

  1. Park

big gap

  1. MyCareer

big gap

  1. MyTeam

big gap

  1. Everything else

If you have friends probably park by far. I’m a loner and get fed up with the tryhards in park making me wait a half hour to start a game because they don’t want anyone lower than 90 OVR playing with them. I try park but usually go back to myteam just for 1 v 1 play. Playing with randoms is also enraging.

I played over 1000 rec games this year and maybe 150 park. Played probably 100 or less myteam games. For me I like the team aspect of the mycareer mode because there are a lot of other games I’d prefer to play in a 1v1 scenario after they start dropping the unrealistic cards.

Only time park felt toxic was when people could push. I don’t play much stage but you’ll see some cheesy ass lineups even on 3’s. Besides that myteam is in its own league with full court press, trail cheese, all center lineups, base 11 yeah… park is the most popular mode by far since around 2k16.

Park is wayyyy more popular as far as number of players but myteam is the more popular stream mode I think

park is more popular