Park can have some pretty fun moments bruh lol

Lockdowns most fun build


I’m thinking about making a lock

Park players make me puke

They don’t play basketball


If I ever hit 95 overall with my pure shot creator, I’m using my rebirth on a pure lockdown.

I just really don’t want to grind one. I want a SG or SF lockdown so badly though.


Yes please dont grind one it was very painful to do

Lockdowns bruh lol

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Lmfaoooo that’s terrible

Please don’t tell me you think MyTeam players do?!

Why would I be here then?

What I hate is people not knowing how to play basketball but thinking they are actually very good by zigzaging a’d taking deep threes

Man I agree with you. But MyTeam players are no better than park players. I play park and rec with a group that win at a high rate without utilising cheesey nonsense. It can be done and it’s a very satisfying thing beating the cheese balls. I find the cheese and unrealistic basketball I’m MyTeam worse personally.

I feel it’s way more present in Park than in Myteam

I don’t understand the “I make a small PG who shoot 3’s and you make a big C who gives screens so I can shoot”

For me it’s pathetic


2’s is absolutely awful you’re right. 3’s CAN be played better like I play with my group and rec you can actually play basketball. Constantly facing off ballers who spam steal and 4 out PnR or PnF or in previous years straight 5 out blow by became too much for me in MyTeam. Also the OP cards create a crazy unrealistic gameplay. Park and rec at least builds are limited and there’s nobody like TMAC who splashes half court moving 3’s AND tea bagging posters. This year it’s happening quicker than ever but at some point MyTeam just becomes the same card in a few different player models playing against each other. Out of position cheesing too is a MyTeam thing.

I guess in general, 2k lends itself to unrealistic and cheese play that doesn’t resemble basketball. So if that’s what you’re after it’s about finding the closest thing. For me that’s been rec/pro am or play now online. But that might be different for you :slight_smile:

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Parks and pro ams are so much popular then myteam, the cheesiest trends come from parks to myteam and whatnot.

Myteam is much much less cheesy on average, for one, most of myteam players are nowhere near as good when it comes to dribbling the ball, for 2 they usually try to pick one cheesy action like 5 out or pick and roll spamming and while thats still cheesey to a degree, its nowhere near as bad as park where people will try to use every known and unkown cheesy tactic to get his.


yo @MagicJ we gon have to get a game one day G, sumn about you just irritates me

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What irritates you mate?
I say what I think. And I think Park players (and all players) that zigzag the screen to get wide open limitless shots have the same acknowledge in Basketball that I have in Polo

Jesus haha. I want a lockdown so badly. But I can’t even be bothered to grind my SC any more after getting to 89 OVR and HOF difficult shots. Not sure if I’ll ever see 95 overall.

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I feel u i stop at 89 ovr lol

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@MagicJ + @OGxSuave you guys got beef lol? Settle it on the court for sure! All beef should be settled through 2k haha. Seems fun to me.

I can’t take park cheese without a squad. In MyTeam it’s irritating, but way more effective in park. Literally when checking the ball, a sharp would just zig zag behind his man until he’s open, then shoot instantly after 1 second is off the clock. I got broken by standing still when a playmaker used a stepback, all because I didn’t commit to the zig zagging. They spam X or square, instanly after I get a rebound. And lets not forget about the sharps pulling 3s from behind the hashmark.

Im glad for my friends and i i’m a lock so i can guard whoever theyre ballhandler/scorer is