Well, if you guys wanna see someone get boned by 2k w packs…come through


I’ve been looking for a stream to watch while at work bc its slow here lmao. Also Good luck bro! Let me bless these packs for ya lol.

Sometimes i say that in twitch streams and people get good stuff lol

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Showing my support and pack blessing.


appreciate you boys! just give me a KP and im happy

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You got it. I say it now that you got it. Am name it and claiming it.

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im thinking a pd or two for sure! I usually try to bless peoples packs if i can

Me too, am not pulling packs but I might try to snipe him.

Letting the first couple waves go out and I’ll get him lol

should be about 10 minutes, ima rip a 450 and all my mt lmao

Gg. Walt might lowkey be a god :man_shrugging:t6:

if he had range extender he would be super comp

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I’m tuning in

GL man hope it’s good pulls for you

Packs dropping now or in 1 hour?

OUT NOW in packs

Yo why not be ripping already. If you get Porzingis now and put on AH vs. like 10 minutes from now it’s like the difference of 100k maybe. lol

Fuck yeah bruh

Still a PD bro

we said we blessed him

lets bless him again boys