Packs lowkey might be hot

just pulled tmac around my 7th single

1 box open and nothing.

packs are never hot.


2box and nothin

3 box nothing

I ripped 2 boxes and some singles last night. Got 2 Hakeems, 2 Bill Russells, and TMac. Opened packs on Friday night and got all rubies and Ray Allen. It just depends. I think I took advantage of everyone opening throwback packs last night. I got the trickle TMac.

Man who wins lottery : tickets are hot !

The public. : :triumph:


1 single throwback and I pulled Baylor…

Could not be more true. Dude pulls something good and apparently packs are hot, well ofc they’re, for him :joy:

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Those 6 others weren’t lowkey hot

Last night I pulled a PD and Diamond in one pack. Did not expect to see this.



TMac packs have probably one of the worst odds EVER!
They’re so bad that 2k drop this SuperThrowbacks to vent this shitty odor.

We can pull a lot of Diamonds and PD’s and have some dopamine with shiny glow…and then put them on AH for 10/30k bin.

Devils move👿

Just sayin tho…

You can’t pull one PD in a few singles and claim packs are hot lol

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Actually I think the Signature Series have the worst odds. Anniversary not far off.

Hot is when you pull 5 PDs in 10 packs

10 boxes: nothing

Had the same feeling, but it just might changed since we will have a Opal set rewards now.
Like all Anni players were more desirable than Kidd or Lin.

I bought a 10 pack of the Throwback West cards last night. I pulled 2 PDs and 4 diamonds which sold for a combined total of 96fuckingK or something like that. 2K just had to go drop these packs like two days before I get Giannis lol. Bastards.

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