Packs are here!

Someone tell me how odds are?

On Xbox already KAT and Paul pierce up. Multiple of them. Maybe juiced

I opened 5 packs and pulled Amy Wiggins and Ruby KG.

Probably juiced these packs odds, because this set isn’t the best. Next set is probably gonna have Diamond Jordan in it, or at least someone amazing and the pack odds are gonna be trash as shit.

I opened a 10 pack box and got 3 ruby wally’s and a diamond westbrook.

Ouch! At least you got Diamond Westbrook though.

Yah i’m not complaining

Diamond Westbrook is one of my favorite PGs in the game, and is my end game PG. Has all the badges that I want in an PG, along with his dunking. Dude is an beast, just throw some shooting badges on him and you’ll be good.

Yah I had him before and really like him. I just need that jordan three point shoe and I’ll be good to go.

I play on nintendo switch where theres only like 5 to 10 guys ripping packs right now and from the ticker i can tell these packs are juiced as fuck its best to rip now if you have money lol

pulled wally scal and rondo from 10 so not bad I guess

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2x 10 boxes got about 5 ruby KG’s and a few Scals… That was it.