Packed PD Klay last night in first heat check box ever

This card is going for 600k right now on Xbox…
Should I cash out? I’ve never used a Klay card this year and played a game with him and now I understand the HYPE!! he’s lights out.

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Hold him a bit til hes out of packs, imo

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Keeping depends on the rest of your squad and plans. Need upgrades/MT? Definitely sell.

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I’m guessing tomorrow morning he will be close to peak before the tournament.

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What box did you pull? the standards or 20 deluxe box ?

Honestly I think you should sell. I think Klay is a bit over hyped esp since that card is essentially the exact same as the diamond

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I think Gilbert Unlimited/ Broy limited > Klay personally

PD Klay is so much better than Di Klay. AND he is so much taller than Gil and enough taller than Roy.

And release is personal preference. I green 50% of PD Klay releases but cannot green Roy/ Gil to save my life.

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How is he much better than Di Klay? He is marginally better at the very most… he might dunk better but thats it, Di klay can speed boost too with a shoe / coach. Dunking isnt a priority with klay either. They have the same HOF badges and Di Klay even has a higher draw foul rating

I love Gil and Roys release so that plays into what I said. Klays releases is obviously really good too.

I pulled a standard 10 box of heat checks :grimacing:

I have not noticed a difference in dunking. PD may dunk less; perhaps it is a tendency issue? I do not know. I would prefer more dunking from my PD Klay.

The huge difference is due to the way higher lat quickness with PD Klay. I notice it when I am controlling PD Klay on D and with the ball. Without the ball, I do not see a difference.

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lucky duck lol

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I just dont think the difference in Latquick is worth 200-300k MT.

I’ll probably keep him for a while as I’m tired of using Diamond Ray and PD Jordan at SG. I dropped 72 points online with PD Klay last night!!

I sold my Di Klay a week ago for 420K MT, and packed my PD Klay, so I am of a different thought. Like, I am not gonna sell PD Klay for 450K MT, then turn around and buy Di Klay for 270K MT and feel good about. PD Klay may be end game for me; let’s see how Kobe/ TMac look.