Packed first Opal now what

So I just packed Lonzo as my first Opal. I have about 270k mt and pretty decent PD squad. Any suggestions on how to maximize either Lonzo or the MT.
Current squad before pull


P.S. I’ve been a lurker all year. You guys are a great community and have single handedly help me navigate this shit show , masquerading as a Basketball game.


Welcome aboard! I think you need to reupload your team graphic

get drose

Try uploading the lineup picture to imgur and post a reply with the URL.
Some of us are holding until new token market is revealed. Depends what you need and could get.

Keep him. He’s good

Thanks I’m going to do so now.

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Pair him with Zion, fast defensive players and don’t let his dad talk too much.

I finally decided to get active. It’s a great community thanks for having me!

What you mean Lavar is marketing genius, I stay BBB down to the socks :rofl::rofl:

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I think you need a huge defensive center for your bench. Maybe like a Hakeem or Dwight Howard

Wait till tuesday for servers crash and get some opals for 100/150k bid bc of MVP Giannis card :joy:

Sell Lonzo while he is still going for over 200k

Wait until next content drop when prices bottom out, then get 2 of the best value opals in the game—Moses Malone and Brandon Roy (Or Moses and Oscar)

You can play Moses at the 3 or 4 and he can compete with any card in this game

Roy can play the 1 or 2

Definitely improves your overall team more than just keeping Lonzo

Yeah I think it makes the most sense to sell Lonzo plus I’m thinking of picking up Big O anyway. I’d have enough already to scoop him and moses right now technically.

And if you have cards like amy wallace amy pj tucker diamond eddie jones diamond tyson chandler diamond ingram pd erving and other pd rewards just sell all your cards except Magic and maybe Larry and go use rewards cards. You will get good amount of mt and squad that is on similar level to that one you have now. Bad news: It will be hard to sell this cards for good price if you dont know market very well bc of AH glitch

This squad value in mt is 25k. And for sure you will have a lot of fun with them + you will have mt for 2 more Galaxy Opals. Thats all. Try this if you have reward cards

Bruh I loathe the auction house. But I’m in PD rewards already 3 down and am trying to get to the token collector reward. After I’ll probably sell every thing plus I’m waiting anni players to rise I have quite a few.any advice just need 88 cards.

Oh and I never go 12-0 I never commit enough time in MTU honestly my job slaves me. So heavy offline with tto/ challenges online.