Packed B Roy

My oddly amazing pack luck continues as I packed B Roy a few minutes ago… and this card rips. I greened my first 6 shots in Dom and felt compelled to pause the game and spread the word of B Roy’s silky smooth jumper.


Might as well finish the set

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I’ll probably use him for a while, then sell him once he’s out of packs lol. This card is a wrecking ball on the court though.

Best SG available?

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Same quick release shooting form as last year?

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Not quite as fast, but it’s smoooooooooth.


Not sure quite yet, but he’s damn good. I might be more sold on Kobe being the best SG at the moment, but I’m only one game in with B Roy… I’m seeing how he holds up on defense, and how he responds to plays before I make my final decision.

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Got him for 150k. Nice card for sure. Hondo