Pack Stats - 1/22/19

Tomorrow, I will be opening up 900k+ of VC. I will be recording every card pulled, I encourage all of you to do the same. If my calcs are correct, I’m opening $200 worth of VC tomorrow on what I can only assume is Kobe day (also my b-day, shout out to anyone else who is celebrating a birthday)


Good luck , I will be opening maybe 80 dollars worth . Let’s see what happens

Gonna record how i do visual glitch, MT sales, pack pulls and include my tag in all of it and hope for the best :sweat_smile:


Might as well just uninstall the game while you’re at it lol

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Odds are lower for Vince Carters

I bought vc at gamestop. they have a 25% of sale right now. So 450k vc for 75 bucks.


I got this promo offer with 550k VC & 20 Moments Box.
It means that odds will be shity tomo.

I pulled first 20 box last time. I dunno about that