Pack results! How many Ultimate packs did you pull?

Decided to rip pretty much all of my MT on these Ultimate packs. (Over 800k)
Dont have an auction house so there’s nothing else to do with my MT.
Opened close to 50 packs and here’s what i got:

13x PD Finley
10x PD Gobert
9x PD O’Neal
6x PD Love
5x PD Bernard

2x GO Pierce
2x GO Klay
1x GO Curry

Basically 1 Opal every 10 packs aint to bad. But now i have to decide whether or not i will quicksell 2 Opals!:flushed::flushed:

Did you guys have some luck pulling these packs? Would love to see some of your results and how many packs you pulled


0 packs 0 opals ;(

1 pack, 0 Opals

50$ worth got 1 Westbrook and all the Pd
Then said fuck it I’ll open a couple packs with mt and got kd on the second one

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8 packs. Buncha PDs. Back to back currys in there too. Not bad for scraping 60k VC from V

Opened around 35 packs and for 2 opals and the opals were back to back.

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Lol. Same w the b2b

Pack odds are trash. Im just focusing on getting the 5 pink diamond players, then I will just buy the Galaxy Opals from auction. I already bought Pierce and Westbrook from AH.

5 packs, got 1 of each of the PD’s.

Even if your odds were 1 galaxy Opal for every 10 packs its not worth it because you need 5 Opals to complete collection and 10 packs of cards if you buy the Best Value is still 30 bucks. So at best with 1 out of 10 odds you gotta spend 150 bucks but u know u gonna get duplicates. You gonna pull about 3 Pierces before you get the KD or Steph. So u really gonna have to spend about 300 dollars before u pull all 5 Opals. Not worth it

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just buy Mike Tyson guys and get the cards through the auction house

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100 packs
——> 1KT 1RWB 4Pierce and rest quicksell PDs

2k is wrong. Each one of those Galaxy Opals should have same chance of pulling. Odds obviously are rigged for mostly Paul Pierce’s and Westbrooks to be pulled when you receive an Opal. There really needs to be an algorithm where the game recognizes that you already have a certain Galaxy Opal and will not give you a duplicate.

1 pack - 1 go westbrook

bought kd 450 last night and packed him before i fell asleep. I should be able to finish set soon. maybe 30-40 packs if i can ever redeem klay

Opened 50 packs. Got 2 Stephs. That’s it. Bought the others for relatively cheap while AH was screwed.

14 packs
6 Finleys
5 Goberts
1 Jermaine
1 Pierce
1 emerald somebody

About 38 packs
2 GO Pierce
1 GO curry
1 GO Klay
Got KD for 388k
I’m good with that lol. Should I get Westbrook and lock set :thinking:

4 packs with mt


Three premium packs with MT…Bernard and 2 Gobert.

Turned the game off possibly for good after.