Pack Odds Sucks Now!

Opened 10 Pack Jordan Box only got AME Deng and some Rubies. No Diamond at all

Even contracts?

I thought mine was shitty when I got 2 ammy Kukoc’s in a row until my last pack included a diamond DRose

No Diamond Contracts.

The packs were juiced. No way I should have 12 diamond contracts, 3 Gilmores, a Jordan, and 6 Diamond Jordan shoes. It’s crazy. I opened like 42 packs.

I got like 18 diamond contracts lmao. I sent a ticket too cause I was like this is BS I got trolled 18 times!

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At least you pulled an Amy. I opened around 17 packs and never got a player above Ruby. I guess diamond contracts and some diamond shoes are cool but… that’s not really worth what you spend to open those expensive as packs.