Pack luck using VC vs. MT?

Anyone if one or the other makes a difference?

Most people will tell you it’s garbage either way lol

But honestly I believe its the same

lol yea. I was leaning towards VC because 2k “rewards” you for spending money. Don’t think I’ve pulled anything great from using MT

All I can tell you is that at one point last year I was on a ridiculously bad drought with VC. Switched it up and bought a pack with MT and pulled a diamond. My luck with VC changed right after that too, so maybe it changes up the algorithm a bit? I really don’t think pack luck is totally random.

I totally think 2k throws you a bone after a long drought just to keep you engaged. It happened to me during the tail end of the KAJ anniversary

It’s not mt vs vc actually but 10 pack / 20 vs singles. 10+ Packs only vc, so…

true. I only had 35k VC, so used that to buy singles. Pulled a Kobe. Moved to my MT and pulled nothing.