Pack and playoffs board 10

Rare that anyone will be able to answer this, but when on board 10 for P and P, does the amythest icon show a zero next to it when Amy pau is on the board? Or is the card types on the bottom right just an indicator of what is possible to be drafted? I have yet to see the numbers change on the right when the deck is reshuffled

I know on the earlier boards the emerald reward icon didn’t show up when Thornton was on my board. Never got pau or manu but I would assume it worked the same way with those rewards.

You can probably gather why I ask this because what’s the point of playing on if the reward isn’t on the board? I just wanted confirmation of this because I will dashboard out of the next 4 games after the first round if the Amy icon isn’t showing a zero

Yeah I think that’s what most people who got him did. An easy way to check for sure would be to go back to board one and reset until the reward is on your board. I’m pretty sure I knew when reward cards were on my board because I can remember counting picks to see how many shots I’d have to get them. But that was back in September so I’m not 100% certain.

I don’t believe I can choose board 1? The reward matches the board selection?

I mean as in if I choose board 1, the reward will be the board 1 award

I’ve won over 400 games and played around 500. I can’t grind any more lol

my Bad I though u meant changing boards, not rewards. Yeah u have to play board 10 to get pau. I was just saying in order to confirm that the icon disappears when the reward is on the board it would be easier to go back to board one because there aren’t many cards on that board.

I believe I misunderstood what you meant. You meant as in select board 10 and see if the Amy is not showing when the draft board comes up right? Thing is I will always have to play the first 4 games before seeing the actual draft board but if this is true, I can avoid playing unnecessary games if he’s not on the board

I’m pretty sure the board resets every time

After you get eliminated or win the finals

Yeah it does. So if he’s not on the board to start it’s unlikely you’ll get him. Unfortunately, u have to go through the hassle of losing the first four games every time to reset the board.

You can dashboard to avoid the penalty of quitting. Wish their was another way but this is the most ridiculous feat to overcome in this game. I can’t play much better than the 80% + win rate I have currently and most of the time you aren’t getting the board reward. I enjoy P&P because it actually requires greater skill to win but I want Pd Shaq. It’s more of personal victory at this point

Finding people who have the card to ask personally is like finding a needle in a haystack

My bro got this card and it took him over 1k games. Its flawed system cuz u need luck to get ut on board.

Dunno if it fixed now, he got it a long time ago.

It seems most of the people who got him were able to early in the game. I need some kind of hint if he’s in the board. If the Amy card icon shows a zero when he is available, that’s enough for me to go by

He said it need to be 0, then he is on board.
Not sure now, they may changed something.

Hard to say with this game. These assholes will do anything to take the fun out of the game

On this acc we grinder so many hours and still no main reward. Its messed up.
Hopefully by the end of next week pd shaq will bw here. Just need 2 and half scheduled challenges to go