Out with the old and in with the new! or nah?

Out with the old and in with the new! or nah?

Do you find yourself playing more of the current players or older generation. Which one your prefer more and why ?


I play mostly with who i grew up with

I’m 29

I starting watching when I was 10 or so

So late 90’s and on are players i enjoy using the most

Prime Jason Kidd


I play with players who fit my play style regardless of new or old. I also couldn’t care less what cheese/“meta” is so my team is usually different then everyone else’s which is important to me I hate seeing the exact same team every time it is corny I would like them to make cards more specialized like players are in real life not the lame do everything players

If I play my league I usually make my own dream team against the rest of the all time teams

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Lots of current. I dunno why I prefer it. But I do LOVE running diamond Kobe and Eddie Jones together. The defense is just crazy lol

I run usually and 86 or 89 line up

86 right now is
Saph vanvleet
Saph Norman Powell
Emerald OG
New diamond siakam
HC gasol

Amy Paul
Amy Richardson
New diamond Giannis
HC Ibaka (or gold Rudy gay but would switch Giannis to 4 and gay to 3)
EVO Dwight (almost at second Amy tier

89 lineup
Pd rose
Amy Richardson
Emerald OG
Diamond Siakam

Saph vanvleet
Diamond Kobe
Diamond Jones
Diamond Giannis
HC gasol

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A lot of the players I like are not released in 2k20 yet

But I’m 60 percent older players and 40 newer players I like usually

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I like to run current, 00s or 10s players, really dislike anyone before the 80s basically… I am neutral towards most 90s and 80s players.

All who I end up with via playing, most of the time leaning towards current but any Celtic is on the board. Love finding some random older guys that are good too tho ala Thurl Bailey last year.

Old, current I don’t care at the end of the day. All about stats, badges and animations for me.

With that said I’m leaning towards older players doesn’t make sense to keep too many current cards who will get upgrades.


ive always leaned toward older. it piques my interest more because i end up learning about players of the past. current guys can be used in playnow. outside of giannis i dont even care about current player. well giannis, and jon isaac. a few others but not many.

The only current players I usually use are Giannis Harden KD Klay and AD. Got Harden, waiting for the others to get better cards and a non reward Klay

My main thing this year is to use players I actually Ike IRL, whether current players or old dudes… and regardless of the meta. I barely played competitively last year, and this year I don’t have the time to try to be competitive. I just want to use a team of dudes I enjoy using.


I like to use a mix. Old guys I liked, new guys I like. Meta doesn’t matter to me, it’s all about the players and fun for me.

I definitely use mostly older players. There are a few current players I always use but the bulk of my squad is from 1998-2010 and the 80s legends.