Out of the reward Amy cards you have redeemed

Put them in order of best to worst please

Redd is all i got, heard magic is the best tho

I am hearing Magic as well, but Knezius said a while back that Redd was very impressive, what made you take him first?

Shooting. Ray allen was my only 3pt guy now i have 2

I don’t really need any sf and the pf look underwhelming. Definitely getting magic or russel next

Ray Allen has been inconsistent for me, but has always hit the shots I have really needed, unless I just focus a little more in closer games.

I was thinking that Magic would make the most impact for my all-time grind but worry he will be largely outsized by the bigger PD and Opal bigs

Edit: do you think that Redd is far superior to Allen or not?

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Theres only 2-4 amys that are any good really. Other than that there are better auctionable ruby / saph options tbh

Get ruby wilt next to him I’ve heard is the key

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Who are the four you think are worth it?

Far superior probably not, but an upgrade certainly

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Redd, Magic, Kevin Johnson and maybe alan houston

Deandre jordan isnt bad but i dislike centers that cant shoot even a midrange

Redd is better than Allen because he has Gold extended range

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Is kJ better than MRR?

I dont like MRR. MRR whole floor is basically a giant cold spot. KJ is a good option

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Magic, Gay, JORDAN, Battier, Houston or redd, Thurl, winters, Richard Jefferson, Russel, Derrick Coleman, norm Nixon


You use him as a scorer or facilitator? I use MRR for defense and passing, dunking in transition of course


Def. I just got him on my no money spent account! MRR IS a lockdown.

I dont like non shooting PGs for the most part because its too easy to get zoned online against a good player

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That’s true! I use Marbury, theus was nice. He hits opens because he doesn’t have steady shooter!

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No love from anyone for Bill Russell?

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Why not richie? Bigger and better shooting, slower tho