Out of position

Do you like Butler?
Wonder if there much difference between Scottie (or Lamelo) and Jimmy.

I just got Kareem and trying to figure out if it makes sense to spend more mt :slight_smile:

butler is solid defensively. if you have tmac butler can be your perfect PG.

Not too sure if I should keep my 3rd Tacko or not. Been buying and flipping them, but his price can’t stay where it is for too long can it? How long do others think he’ll hold value?

I sold my 2 Senguns for the same reason. 3k won’t let Tacko be dominant/expensive for long. A PD Muresan/Manute that can play PF will probably land soon.

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2k :smiley:

I love Butler. Defensively he is top notch and can stop anyone. I am neither a great dribbler or shooter yet looked great playing with. Even with his limited at only gold I was able to hit shots slightly inside the half court. To me he does everything right.
The main question is whether he is worth that much MT. Played against Melo and would say definitely over him. However, admit the I have a super charged Melo PD, and for some reason cannot hit with his shot. However, I also think he is probably only worth about 200kMT more than the other releases on Friday. Still, if he was auctionable I would not have sold him back. My team has changed significantly this weekend and it is now much more fun to play with. All I am really missing now is that great big center (using Eaton/Sampson) but I just do not want to spend the MT to get Yao or KP, or even PD Tacko with moving Dirk to Center.


Last year Tacko’s price stayed up until a better Tacko came around. The smart move is still to sell, however, if one fell in my lap I probably would not sell him. I have found all the players this weekend to really be too much fun to sell back (although may sell back Green, for now, after getting Butler). I was able to buy and sell enough cards yesterday that I have the same MT I started this weekend but actually now have way too many good cards to play with. Just makes the game better to do. The problem is now there are no reward cards I really want anymore except the RNG ones and I hate try to play for RNG cards.


Ps5 mt for sale.thanks

tacko is unique because of that PF primary. he gets the 3pt boost with monty unlike yao who only gets the speed

Regarding Tacko. Last year was different though. Tacko came out on May 27th so 2 months later and it was a DM. I cannot imagine this PD stays at 350k as a PD nor I can jusify paying that.

To blame is 2k for making him so rare and MT sites/MT buying which is more obvious than ever before.

I really hope you are right. Played a few games of Clutch online and that was the one card that was difficult to match with (with a full roster, I have both PD Eaton and PD Ralph that I can put in and match against Tacko or Yao if either are on the other team). I have really avoided buying any expensive (I.e., non-BIN) cards this year. Only exceptions have been Dirk (with a good number of extra HOF badges) and, early in the year, Magic, who I sold back pretty quickly with only a minor loss (unless I can bid on the card and get it exactly at 100k). However, if/when Tacko falls below 200k, my plan will be to snatch him up as quickly as possible as long as there is no other equivalent cards at that time. Him being a PD makes the card even more attractive than if it was a GO or DM as I can see it being a dominant card in Limited for the rest of the year. In 2K21, I found myself using my PD Bol Bol much more often in games than my DM Bol Bol.


The problem I see with PD Tacko in limited is that people will quit in lineup screen and you are screwed. If you dominate the first posessions with him and people quit it is the same result - happened to me couple of times.

I dont even understand why this is a thing this year. If somebody quits then it should be a loss for the guy quitting 100% of the time. Sry for offtopic rage. :sweat_smile:


Agree 1000%

I’ll grab Sengun when he becomes a buyout, I think. I’m yet to try him out. I’m happy with my NMS and 29 HOF Penny Amythest (lol, I sound like a broken record) and Herro & GO Payton for now.

I’m also really hoping 2k give some more Duos soon as it’s been a while for the weekly ones with Evos we were getting previously. Would really love to still see a GO Payton/Kemp Duo as we never got one with PD Payton except with GPII.

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lol, the +4 shoe boost for his three ball plus the Don Nelson +8 boost was really nice before I sold Tacko yet again. Was at 88.

I can see them releasing PF Sim Bhullar, Gheorghe Muresan, Sabonis, Rik Smits or Boban soon to combat the Tackos and bring his price down. Whether they’ll be PD or higher though will be interesting to see.

I think what we really need from 2K to respond to both your (and the community’s) need for anti-Tacko cards and more duos is a Manute Bol and Bol Bol duo release. If they ever did that, the stock prices for 2K would likely go into orbit.

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I’m not a big fan of the OOP cards but I’ll get some I can use.

Having Yao, KP, Kareem and Tacko in my line up - don’t care any more about any possible center (or PF) :slight_smile:

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how do you guys suggest to badge up Tacko?
quick first step, clamp breaker, catch & shoot, limitless range, challenger? fast twitch, corner specialist, unpluckable, claymore?