Out of position

Game over.

How much do you suppose PD Tacko will be going for?

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PD and lowest tier of them all, he’ll be flying out of packs IMO…hopefully. That’s the only way his price stays down

2k never did % by tiers… they usually make specific players extremely rare…
but anyway - probably he will be just Mark Eaton’s clone giving his 95 rating

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This group looks really good. Worse may be Tacko (well, actually Klay). With the drop of a Ferry reward, this is a great release. Feel sorry for anyone who did not sell theirs Ben Simmons or Magic opals. Luckily with so many good cards, some of them have to be cheap.

Oh my this Sengun is good

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just pulled from a free pack


Lucky! How is he?

too early to say, his auction ends in 3 hrs, I hope he’ll bring me some MT

Surprised you did not try him out. Sort of curious although faster he is on the auction block, the more MT you will get.

Who is better, Barnes or Sengun?

that was exactly my thought. cards on PC lose their value rapidly. On Tuesday (or was it Wednesday?) I spent 1.26 mln to build Kareem. now you can get him for 700k or maybe even less. Jimmer’s price has dropped from 300+ to 100k, people used to bid 500-800+ on Oden, now he’s under 200k I believe

PC life

Sorry. It is really expensive still on XBox.

Yeah he’s like 300K on PS right now. Not really worth it imo because he doesn’t really make sense to run in the same 5 as Yao so I’d have to stagger their minutes. Unless you’re just cheesing the CPU but then you could just use the Amythest. I originally thought he’d settle around 100k

Managed to get a Tacko on PS for 320k with 17 HOFs I think it was. Upgraded 3 more to 20 and swapped out 3 to Limitless Range, QFS and Blinders I think it was. Make him more appealing for him at 20 HOFs and added a shoe with plus 4’s to Lateral Quickness, Three Ball, Steal, Perimeter Defence and Speed. Fingers crossed for a good return. No other ones either side for over 5 minutes and all base 11 HOF badges.

617k return. Not too bad.


I will say that while I have not tried Tacko (or the DM cards), this drop is amazing. Horford’s shot is butter as is Herbert Jones shot. Matisse (who is likely the one that is playing least OOP) is amazing at defense at the point with a really easy shot to hit. Sengun is now my starting PG as he is the first tall PG I have found that has a great 3, great D, and all the necessary playmaking HOF badges that I want on my PG (Dimer, QFS, unpluckable, and Floor General). I even like Green (shot a little slow, but otherwise great at PG. Surprised that the player I like the least is Walton (although likely just need to play with him more). He just seems a little slow. Shot is not bad, but not great either.

Got the free pack from the Weekend agenda. Son just pulled DM Butler! It is untradeable, but fine with that!