Out of position 2 - still worth locking?

Is it still worth locking in for Isaac?



Just locked this morning. Isaac is really really good.

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Issac’s a freak



Yes. KD is the best SG in game for me. Isaac is incredible and so is Walton. Even Bill and Giannis can fill roles. They have the most usable cards in one set for me.


Thanks for the feedback, he’s locked in!

Gotta say, Isaac’s shot is not the fastest. Don’t expect him to be like Wade or Edwards. It’s easy to green though and he has saucy dribbles.

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Yes. Isaac is maybe the top rim running PG in the game. Also a top cone as well just doesnt have the fastest shot.


Is he great at rim running?? I’ve been thinking about locking in the set and making him my Backup Pg behind CL Magic.

yes him and kd are both great just put swb shoe on isaac and he’ll be great

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Yes although Isaac hasn’t been game-changing, he’s really really good. Set has multiple usable cards including probably the best KD we will get.

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Abuse his hopstep. He has one of the best hopstep then dunk animations in the game. I even gets poster dunks after hopstep.

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Sell Pg tmac and pick up OOP2 lock in???

How many players do you have from the set?

I love the ak card, and will pick up kd, money isn’t the issue

Lock it in

Thank you sir

Isaac is far from a cone for me. His full court dribble sigs are great with his BTB and tween, and even in the half court he can create well especially with his size. He always gets the good curry slide animation too. I wind up putting the PG4 on him and can really feel the increase SWB.