Out Of Position 2: PG/SG Giannis, Invincible Big O & PG/C Lebron

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Well, we’re in end game fellas. Better get your Giannis stopper in the lineup fast


O no…

Yep. Simmons price about to go to the moon


It’s happening. Will he have Hof range by default or not, guess that’s the only question

Switch matchup and Bill Russell bout to be guarding the point. All these 5 out rim runners gonna be extremely frustrated when Giannis getting held


Man I was hoping we still had time before the true end but if Giannis PG comes i guess it’s that time. Although would he really be that much better than Simmons? If he’s an invincible card he still shouldn’t be that much better than Simmons right?

I would assume Magic should jump up as well. Same with Grant … we shall see.

Buying every blinders badge ever made hahhah… you know they arent about to turn away 75% of the player base by giving him any type of blinders.

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Might wanna keep your eye out on the Likes tab. More players will be announced lol

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Grant and magic are enough to guard him ,


I’ve got GO CP3 ready to harass Giannis and rattle him into bad shots. Should work well.

If not, I will put in Dame to shut him down.

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Jonathan Isaac might be the 13th man for me

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I always put Bol or Thon on Simmons and it works well so I’m assuming it should be fine for Giannis. When I get Russell I’ll use him for that purpose too. I need to upgrade my pg, I’m running Hill and he’s okay vs Simmons but we have better options now.

Lol. This is the end

And he will be able to Curry slide I’m pretty sure. Yikes.

Yes giannis can curry slide if given pro 2

Call me the Kawhi stan. WE NEED KAWHI TOMORROW.

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Yessir day one cop

Kawhi is def due. I would guess next week.

Still need a Wade as well, but they milking the hell out of these Lvl 40 cards.