Our own fantasy league!

So i came up with this idea, hear me out:

8 guys from US 8 guys from EU. NBA season like East and West. Each conference team plays each other twice, due to time zones we only play folks from same region. After regular season 4 teams advance to playoffs, meaning that US and EU champs would only play each other in finals. Some kind of MT rewards 50k for the winner and 20k for the second place. The 8 people who did not advance to the playoffs would go to lottery, we would need that instead fixed draft picks, because people would tank (lol). Just random number generator, these teams would get players to buy on their own, IE: if we do the league only Rubies, they get a player to buy like last place dude can buy certain diamond, it would make be cool if we decide on the player he can get rather then him being able to buy anyone, IE: he gets to buy Yao or Bing, both are examples. Theres a lot of things that can be worked out. IF we do rewards 50k for 1st place and 20k for second place that means with 16 teams its only a bit more then 4k MT per entry, your thoughts ?

That sounds like it could be a fun thing to do.

Sounds cool lmk whats up moving forward

we should just do a myleague on fantasy draft, all players no dupes. no cheesy myteam ratings, it’ll separate the really good players


Yah i’d be so up for it!

Ho yup i’d be game for that

I’m down for whatever.