Ouch. Got yao at 262. Sold at 193k.opps

My biggest lost on a card. Should have just kept it. Like 90k loss smh

I lost 100k on try limited Wade for fun ,nvm :sunglasses:

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Ouch. I feel better. Thanks lol

Work on TTO you’ll get MT back soon

Last midnight I saw a Yao with Kobe AD MID for 180k on PS4

Tried him & Aldridge out earlier.
Take away: the post game is not conducive in myteam lol. Picked up for 180k & sold for 200k so at least I broke even

Sabonis gonna release today beware :sunglasses:

Nice I like Sabonis :smile:

Rather tomo, and he will be a Diamond probably.

I mean Europe time lol

Me to, they dropping Throwback Elite on Thursday😄

Nah it back to normal, so it’s Wednesday this time you can look in the Pack Market @grindfather247

Oh, really?
Looks like i missed that, thanks.

Fine we all hype for new cards :joy:

I just bought Giannis for 430 (w foams and contract) and I bet hell be lower on Friday so it’s all good

Giannis is lower now? Time to cop Giannis PS4?

430 w/ foams and a contract is lower? I thought I overpaid. I think he’ll be lower Friday if we get a good anni drop like we think.

I waited patiently till like 3 in the morning and got a pd arenas for 200k n considering his badging and base 11 shot i felt pretty good abt it. Cut to 3 days later he goin for 100k

He was about 500K more or less 2-3 days ago with that shoes and contract

Yea I impulse bought him (Arenas) for 100k w shoes and a contract while sniping w few days ago. That quick release and 99 open 3 w HoF limitless is hard to stop once you have the shot down. It’s a good card and fun to play with so some MT loss doesn’t matter