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Nba 2k is first sports game that I have played exclusively in a long time. And I notice that the player base is kinda mixed, positive and negative, when it comes to discussions about the game. And I am no different, I love 2k, but I’m simultaneously mad at 2k a lot if the time for its flaws.

My question is: is this love/hate thing something that is common to all the sports games? FIFA? The Show? Madden? NHL? Or is this just a 2k thing?

I have just started watching vids of the MLB content creators and they don’t seem all that negative on the game but this is just a first impression.

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Don’t really know about other sports titles, but that love/hate relationship exists in nearly every large game. Here are some examples from the games I have a lot of experience with:
League: Up there as the most toxic community. Newer players tend to love the game, and anyone who’s played enough does nothing but constantly bash the game while continuing to play 4 hours a day.

CSGO: As the premier fps of the last decade, people love the game, but Valve’s communications skills are on par with 2k’s so much of the hate has more to do with Valve rather than the game itself.

Overwatch: Game has its issues, people started to hate it more and more as time went on, and it might have the worst community I’ve ever seen.

Hearthstone: Almost as toxic as league, people still love the game and most of the hate and disdain is because of the people in the community rather than the game itself.

Valorant: Because it’s a free, easy to run, and new fps made by a large company, it has a very large player base in a short amount of time. A lot of people love the game simply because it’s their first fps or they got tired of cs and rainbow and a lot of people hate it because the community is toxic and it isn’t as good as cs or rainbow.

Minecraft: Everyone loves Minecraft


I didn’t play Fifa, MLB, Madden or NHL online so I can’t compare other communities, but I know 2k brings the worst out of people because of the rng aspect of this game. I didn’t play Fifa online, but I played it a lot with my friends, on the couch, for years. We were making tourneys, playing whole nights and it was great. Nowhere near as frustrating as 2k. A lot less of randomness. In 2k we are getting “hoed” all the time during games, sometimes every few seconds, because this game depends on predetermined animations much more than any other sports game (correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think I am). There’s more animations here and they are more complex, so there’s a lot more opportunities to get hoed. It frustrates people and they start acting like assholes. They feel that the game is unfair (and they’re right a lot of times) and that’s why they’re so negative.

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Company thinks too much into making more cash but don’t notice people saying things like “I hate 2k but love basketball. It’s the only reason I play 2k.” No comp for them so no need to improve or change ways. Copy and paste old game and sell for new.
2k20 was ok at start but it was like they slowly developed a way to make people spend more over time. I decided I would remain F2P shortly into recognizing their tricks and greed. I made a goal to get every card in myteam. I’m still playing and nowhere near my goal. I’ve played daily from the start. If I averaged my time I would say at least 5-6 hours daily but i believe more. To accomplish my goal i should have played 10-12 hours daily. It’s a job they’re pushing on us, not a game. Even worse is seeing while you try to complete your goals the game is programmed to fuck you over. They think you can’t see that you were indeed wide open and the only reason the cpu got up on you so fast was because they slid your feet closer to his and his closer to yours and that’s how they smoothered you on a shot you thought was a sure thing. Think your playing this game? It is literally playing you, try shooting nothing but 3s and see how long it is before everytime you pass the ball they rush you ahead of the 3 point line as if to say we’ll let you score but not a 3. Notice they average your score by slowing the game down? They don’t like 100 plus games cause you rank guys up too fast so let’s say your having a hell of a game and getting steals left and right but by the end of the game you notice even tho you felt like you had a better game than the one before you only scored 4 extra points than the last game you played. This happened because they stop and readjust everything now(notice all the extra time outs the cpu calls now?). So you may have stolen the ball but they will waste your time and get those points back. They will run the whole 24 secs out and get their own rebound and do it again or you’ll miss and your center won’t even get the rebound but instead throw it out of bounds with that 1 animation(you know the one). One last thing, I got more but this already long as hell. Once the next game comes out they really shit on old games rewards for daily/weekly log ins. Idk it’s like they want me to buy 2k21 but they insist on showing me how they going to treat me once 2k22 comes out. They can keep that curse, I won’t buy it even if they stop giving rewards. For now I will sell those free agent cards for 1 mt and get the same playersclub cards I already have. I can’t wait to be done with this game.

I agree with @ClippersFan . Pretty much hit the nail on the head.

The bigger the game, the more toxic the community is. Especially when majority play online.

2k doesn’t do themselves any favors, but the # of people who buy the show probably isn’t even 1/4 of the people who play MyTeam. Not even adding the Park/Pro Am guys.